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When you join Master Wealth Control today

The Vestey Trust System – Valued at $10,000
Dominique and her legal team will prepare legal documents for you. This will be a lifetime service.
A Testamentary Will – The Ultimate Legacy Protection Vault – Valued at $10,000
A professionally prepared will that the truly wealthy have in place, which allows you to protect your wealth in the hands of your beneficiaries, you will leave a legacy for future generations and your bloodline, so your wealth cannot be compromised or lost when you are gone (should your beneficiaries go through divorce, remarriage, bankruptcy or any other unforeseen events).
Access To Dominique’s Legal Team, As Your Situation And Wealth Changes – Valued at $10,000
Support, protection advice and free amendments and updates from Dominique’s team of professional experts in relation to your constantly changing wealth position, so that you are continually protected at any given point in time.
A Personalised Asset Protection Plan – Valued at $3,000
Personalised legal advice for your current wealth situation and future goals.
Access To Dominique’s Member Only Online Portal And Monthly Live Webinars – Valued at $2,000
A comprehensive resource section where Dominique covers everything you need to know about asset protection, changing global, economic, financial and legal issues that may arise with on-going live monthly webinars to update you about changing times.

By Joining Today

You’ll also receive instant access to these 4 exclusive bonuses

Bonus 1


also known as a “living will” if you are ever of unsound mind or lack legal capacity to make decisions eg. in a coma, dementia etc. then this ensures you don’t lose control. No need for red tape and time and money for applications to Guardianship Board and public trustees getting involved. You decide now who makes decisions in relation to your health if you cannot. Hopefully, you won’t ever need it but if it does become relevant it will save everyone a lot of grief, time and money.
Bonus 2


same as Enduring Guardianship health and lifestyle but relates to the possibility that may eventuate whereby you cannot make decisions for your finances. The last thing you want is the state trustee calling the shots and in control of your assets and finances.
Bonus 3


National distressed lead lists for mortgage, divorce, liquidation, bankruptcy sales etc which you may secure up to 40% below market value
Bonus 4

Personal VIP Membership Card

As a cardholder you are entitled to:

Ownership trust set up – trust to buy assets in if right for your tax and borrowing position – discretionary trust, family trust, unit Trust etc value $3K

FREE contract reviews for life

FREE contract negotiation for life

30% off full Conveyancing fee Australia-wide for life eg buying and selling property or business

That is over $35,000 Worth Of Value

Limited Offer

One Full Payment of $7,500 OR 6 Monthly payments of $1,500 (Total $9,000)

Real-Life Testimonials

“Bankruptcy is over!”

We would like to thank you & your wonderful team for continually supporting us & never giving up. You always made yourselves available, your communication & correspondence is prompt & outstanding, you were incredibly thorough in your investigations, always thought outside the square, & remained totally positive & optimistic-as well as honest. We felt that you always had our backs. We can’t thank you & your team enough for your support. If you ever wanted to share our story or needed a testimonial etc-we would be very happy to do so.

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Liz Chapman

Sydney, New South Wales

“Relieved to know I am protected”

Thank you for your attention and support. I hope to be able to send some more people your way. I am relieved to know that I am protected. Thank you again so much, and you can put me down as one very happy customer that will spread the word.

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Debbie Gibson

Townsville, Queensland

“We feel a lot more secure”

We have set up our wills, trusts and company and placed and removed Caveats. We feel a lot more secure knowing that our assets are protected and our future and our family are safeguarded by what MWC had to offer.

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Keith Scott

Canterbury, Victoria



Or 6 Monthly payment of $1,500 (Total $9,000)
  • Vestey Trust System
  • Testamentary Will
  • Legal Team Access
  • Personalised Asset Protection Plan
  • Access To Members Portal & Monthly Live Webinars
  • Enduring Guardianship Health & Lifestyle
  • Enduring Power Of Attorney Financial
  • On Market Distressed Property List
  • Personal VIP Membership Card

Protect Your Wealth While Your Profit Safely

Stop creditors from touching your most important assets.

Your Family Home

Your Family Home

Quarantine your home from banks, creditors and litigators, even if you owe money.

Your Business

Your Business

Grow your business while protecting your profits and income.

Your Bank Account

Your Bank Account

Safeguard your bank accounts while increasing your wealth.

Your Property Portfolio

Your Property Portfolio

Safeguard your rental income and properties while expanding your portfolio.

Your Income

Your Income

Shield your wages from garnishees and installment orders.

Your Superannuation

Your Superannuation

Safeguard your retirement nest egg from meltdowns and nationalization.