Give Me Just Half A Day, And I Will Show You The Exact “Step By Step” Method To Find And Flip Properties For Cash Profits In The Current Market For Little To No Money Down From Distressed Property, Deceased Estates, Developers under Duress, and Downsizers.

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Our Programs

DG Institute offers a range of courses and services that provide information through our education platform – from how to locate and invest in undervalued property, undertaking property developments, locating undervalued businesses, renovating for profit and how to secure and grow your wealth.

Business Turnaround Program

Business Acquisitions

The Business Acquisition Blueprint Program (BAB) is a course that will teach you how to find, acquire & turnaround businesses for profit, whether you’re a business owner or even an entrepreneur looking for new opportunities.

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Property Development Program - Property Uplift program

Property Development

The Property Development Program (PDP) is a property development course that can help you unlock the secret to accelerate your wealth creation through low risk small property developments.

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DG Institute Reviews

Read our DG institute reviews and see what our DGI graduates have to say about their property development and property investment stories.

  • Nawras Alali

    I did not know how to get money through the investors and joint ventures. So getting the knowledge was one of the most important things through the Read more

    Nawras Alali

    Elite Mentoring Graduate

  • Ian & Melinda Coward

    Dominique was just such a completely fabulous launching pad on confidence, basics, getting started, believing in yourself, figure out what’s Read more

    Ian & Melinda Coward

    Property Uplift Graduate

  • Michelle Kennedy

    DG Institute founder and CEO, Dominique Grubisa is the entire package. She is authentic, integral, switched-on, sassy. She’s amazing, she’s got Read more

    Michelle Kennedy

    Real Estate Graduate

  • Jonathan Mcmonagle

    Commit to it and listen to your mentor, I would have been flailing around trying to convince owners to sell me their Read more

    Jonathan Mcmonagle

    Elite Mentoring Graduate

  • Kay Streeter

    I love renovating and so I needed the guidance and the support and the information that Real Estate Rescue gives Read more

    Kay Streeter

    Real Estate Graduate

  • Julie Sherden

    We’ve been with Dominique for two years, and for the last two years, we’re actually up to our sixth property, buying, renovating, and selling. Read more

    Julie Sherden

    Real Estate Rescue Graduate

Investment Case Studies

Read some of our successful DGI Graduates property investment & property development deals.

  • Location: South Lake, WA

    Total Investment



    Property & Development


    Renovate & Flip

    Total property


  • Location: Aberdare, NSW

    Total Investment



    Property & Development


    House Flip

    Total property


  • Location: NSW

    Total Investment



    Property & Development


    Subdivide & renovate

    Total property


  • Location: QLD

    Total Investment



    Property & Development


    Subdivide & renovate

    Total property


  • Location: Wentworth Falls, NSW

    Total Investment



    Property & Development


    Property Flip

    Total property


  • Location: Blacktown, NSW

    Total Investment



    Property & Development


    Buy & Hold

    Total property



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Blog Posts

Read our blogs for the latest tips on investing in real estate, property flipping, asset protection, debt management and recovery.


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Property Developer’s Guide to Success

Dominique Grubisa

About Dominique Grubisa

CEO & Founder of DG Institute
Dominique Grubisa is a consummate professional. Having worked in the law for over 27 years, 20 of those as a barrister , specialising in debt and property law (not currently practicing). A hard working business woman, property investor and developer, mother of three and founder of the DG Institute, this celebrated entrepreneur has built her successful business over the past 13 years around one simple premise, to empower everyday Australians to grow and protect their wealth.

Her mission in establishing the DG Institute was to provide education to clients, to empower them with the knowledge required to pursue their own financial independence through property and business strategies to help grow their wealth. After almost going broke herself, Dominique has made it her life’s mission to provide her clients with the ability to not only grow their wealth but to also protect it as well.

As an avid investor having bought and sold multi-million dollars’ worth of property over the years, Dominique successfully pioneered distressed real estate investing in Australia. Her system has helped countless investors enjoy instant equity in property while at the same time, helping distressed homeowners escape the costs of the repossession process.

Dominique’s industry expertise has resulted in her appearing on a number of media programs, including: A Current Affair, Today Tonight, The Circle and throughout other forms of print and digital media.

The DG Institute was founded by Dominique Grubisa with the mission to empower every day Australians to grow and protect their wealth. We do that by educating our clients on how to grow their wealth through property education. DG Institute’s partner entities are also able to render professional services to our clients.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you want to know how to find a distressed property, then we recommend Real Estate Rescue program.

Real Estate Rescue is a program that covers how to find real estate at up to 40% below market value. It includes proven strategies to find distressed properties and potentially secure them.

If you’re ready to invest in our full program, you can also access our distressed property list. This up-to-date list includes thousands of properties for sale by motivated vendors.

You can filter the list this list to find properties at a national, state, suburb and street level. This means you can find the best distressed deals before other investors know they exist.

You can search for dozens of keywords that tell you the reason for selling. For example, you can search for words like deceased, divorcee, bankruptcy, etc.

Another benefit of our distressed property list is that you can track changes over time. You can see the first-listed price, last listed price, court list dates and more.

The name of the DG Institute property development course is the Property Uplift Program.

The Property Uplift Program teaches you how to create wealth from small developments. The strategies you can expect to learn from this property development course are often lower-risk and need less capital. They are an excellent way for smaller investors to start developing property development.

The Property Uplift Program focuses on ways to manufacture equity independent of the market. We teach three strategies that are ideal for new developers in the program.

DA uplift is a strategy where you secure property and get development approvals. Then you can on-sell to builders for a tidy profit.

Subdivision is the process of dividing one property title into many. In the process, you increase the value without needing to build anything.

Residential units are smaller development that is ideal for mom and pop investors. They have the highest profit potential of the three strategies.

Each of these strategies is more affordable than commercial and industrial development. But they still have significant profit potential.

Asset protection is an important way to secure your wealth in times of crisis. It stops creditors, the government and lawyers from taking what you own.

Asset protection plans come in all shapes and types. There is no one-size-fits-at-all approach. And any professional who tells you otherwise is doing you a disservice. But the general goal is always the same: to lock away your wealth so that you can protect your assets and leave a legacy.

A good asset protection plan works for your individual circumstances. It takes into account your risks, as well as your financial goals and situation.

At the DG Institute, we offer a customised asset-protection plan as part of our Master Wealth Control service.

The Master Wealth Control service also includes a testamentary will, so you can make sure the right people inherit your wealth after your death.

And you get access to a comprehensive online portal. In this portal, Dominique covers everything you need to know about asset protection. She also talks about changing global, economic, financial and legal issues.

At the DG Institute, we have helped thousands of people to get started investing in property. One of our favourite strategies for flipping properties for fast profits.

Here is how it works:

Find distressed properties that you can buy for less than the market value.

Learn about the seller and their motives so you can negotiate the best deal.

Do a cosmetic renovation to increase the value of the property. Try to avoid structural improvements.

Design your property to fit with the demand in the market. One of the biggest mistakes investors make is designing properties for themselves.

Get help and support from experienced investors. No man or woman is an island.

If you would like to know more about how to invest in distressed property and flip it or profit, have a look at our Real Estate Rescue program now.

The DG Institute property investment course is called Real Estate Rescue.

Real Estate Rescue is a program that focuses on distressed real estate investing. DG Institute founder, Dominique Grubisa, is one of Australia’s leading experts in this area.

She developed the program over the past 15 years. And it has assisted her to buy, sell and hold multi-millions of dollars worth of real estate.

In this property investment course, you’ll learn:

How to find and potentially secure distressed property at up to 10% to 40% below market value.

How to structure deals so that you can potentially secure with little or no money down.

The 3 types of distressed property deals that are working great in today’s market.

The program is an excellent introduction to investing in property. Once you secure a distressed property, you can renovate it for a fast profit, flipping. Or you can hold onto it for cash flow or capital growth.