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Some two million Australians – or about eight percent of the population – have a share in an investment property. Want to join their ranks? These property investment seminars in Melbourne could help you get started.

It’s the great Australian dream. To own your house and have enough financial power to also be able to buy an investment property or two. As the property market grows over time, so too does your personal wealth and your retirement income.

Figures from the Australian Taxation Office show that around eight percent of Australians have succeeded in achieving the dream and have bought or have a share in an investment property. A lucky 1.5 percent of the population had two investment properties, while 0.5 percent had two!

What does it take to join their ranks? And how do you join the super elite ranks of the multiple property owners and really secure your financial future?

Investing in ‘distressed property’ is a great way to start. In a nutshell, this involves identifying properties that for one reason or another are being sold at below the market rate, negotiating a great sale price, and then reselling later at a higher price to generate a profit. Successful distressed property ‘flippers’ can own multiple properties at any given time, using the profits from the last sale to finance future purchases in an ongoing wealth-generation cycle.

Property investment seminars are a great way to find out about the potential of this type of investment. You’ll meet successful distressed property investors, hear their success stories and acquire some of the skills needed to potentially get started yourself.

Founded by the wealth and asset protection expert Dominique Grubisa, the DG Institute offers a range of property investment seminars in Melbourne aimed both at complete novices and those with some experience ‘flipping’ residential properties. All levels of interest and availability are catered for, with seminars running from two hours to three days and beyond.

Where to start if you are looking for property investment seminars in Melbourne

1) Real Estate Rescue intensive workshop

Are you just starting to consider the possibility of investing in property? The Real Estate Rescue intensive workshop could be your cup of tea. It provides participants with a first taste of the sector, outlining key terms and principles. This free, two-hour event is led by DG Institute Founder and CEO Dominique Grubisa, who has extensive experience with distressed property and herself has an extensive property portfolio. You’ll hear how property investors can create win-win propositions for both themselves and those selling distressed properties.

2) Real Estate Rescue advanced seminar

At the other end of the spectrum is the Real Estate Rescue advanced seminar. This is an three-day in-depth seminar for those who have made the decision to work with distressed property and want the skills, knowledge and contacts to get started. This is an immersive program that is led by Dominique Grubisa with the assistance of the DG Institute coaching staff and external experts. Attendees will gain access to resources that help them identify distressed properties going for well below market value long before other investors get wind of them. They will learn all about accessing finance, the best strategies for flipping properties and how to use analytic data to identify trends in the market. You’ll get the Accelerator Home Study Course, monthly webinars, a legal kit, email support, access to potential funding sources and a members-only investor hub, and much more. Participants will walk away with skills that help them to locate and purchase distressed property, organise appropriate value-adding activities, and analyse when is the best point in the market to sell.

3) Property Investment Summit

Maybe, though, you fall somewhere between these two extremes. Maybe you know a little about investment property and want to increase your knowledge before committing. In that case, the Property Investment Summit could be for you. This is a one-day property investment seminar in Melbourne that features Dominique Grubisa and guest speakers from areas such as real estate analytics and interior design. It is for people who want to buy property for 10-40% below market value, who want to gain equity in their investments faster, and who potentially have no money behind them but want to get started. Participants will get great tips to grow their portfolios, create more income and overcome their personal barriers.

So, give it some thought. Do you want to join the investment-property club and have a go at living the Australian dream? With the help from the right education, you could soon be on your way.

If you want to have a taste of the knowledge shared at these three property investment seminars in Melbourne, join Dominique Grubisa for this upcoming webinar and learn how you can find undervalued property that you can potentially purchase 10% – 40% below market value from motivated vendors.


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Our Happy Clients

  • Shane Beard

    "I originally joined DG Institute because I was very interested in doing property development for myself. Like any venture, there has been lows. One of my first deals was a small development where I had just left my full time job. My money partner had sold the property without telling me, which left me back at […]"

    Shane Beard, Property Uplift Graduate

  • Michael Nichols

    "Would i recommend Elite Mentoring? Absolutely. You can reinvent the wheel, what you want to achieve in 2-3 years, you can achieve in 3-6 months with an Elite Mentoring coach."

    Michael Nichols, Elite Mentoring Graduate

  • Larisha Engelbrecht

    "Larisha is a Real Estate Rescue DGI graduate and a member of the Elite Mentoring community. Her biggest learnings as a graduate were gaining a deeper understanding of how to deal with her mindset as well as the mindsets of other homeowners. With this knowledge, she was able to overcome barriers and the softer skills […]"

    Larisha Engelbrecht, Real Estate Rescue Graduate

  • Andrew Canning

    "We bought a distressed property, which was a hoarders home, in NSW.  In 8 weeks we have stripped it, overhauled in with a new kitchen and flooring. It will be a 14-week turnaround with a projected profit of $90k the most learnings i’ve had is my self-confidence. The emotional intelligence I’ve gained is what’s most […]"

    Andrew Canning, Elite Mentoring Graduate

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