Property investment seminars – one woman’s experience

We’ve all seen ads for property investment seminars. But what actually goes on if you attend one? Here, Sydney woman Liz Roughan shares her experience of attending a seminar run by the DG Institute.

That’s the only way to describe how I felt as I walked into the room on the first day of the Real Estate Rescue– one of DG Institute’s most popular property development seminars.

The three-day seminar was billed as a way to learn the secrets of building a property portfolio by identifying so-called ‘distressed properties’, negotiating with the owners to buy them, and then selling later for a profit. But on that first morning, all I could think was that I was a big fraud and that while the other people were entitled to be there, I wasn’t.

Two months earlier, my husband Mike and I had had our lives torn apart by a bolt from the blue. An unexpected family court decision meant that our financial security and house had been ripped away from us and we were now a couple of hundred thousand dollars in debt and heading south fast. Desperate for a way to claw back some financial security, I scraped together the fee to attend one of the most advanced property investment seminars hosted by Dominique Grubisa, founder of DG Institute.

Focus on helping others

Looking around the room on that first morning, I realised that most of the other people there were probably better off than me and had found it much easier to attend. And when they got started in their property investment careers, they would have much more money behind them than me.

But as the days and the seminar went on, I began to feel much better.

For one thing, the seminar material really resonated with me. It was so simple, yet seemed really effective. You just used the tools provided to you to identify property that could be bought at a good price, you put in the hard yards and negotiated, and hopefully you made some decent money at the end.

I loved the way that the focus was on helping people who were in mortgage distress or needed to sell for other reasons, rather than ripping them off for maximum profit. For someone whose own financial state was not great, it was very reassuring.

Surprises at property investment seminars

I also loved the way that we got to meet and hear the stories of graduates of the course who were now doing really well. In the Real Deals section, various past graduates got up on stage and explained how they found a property, how they negotiated with the owner, how they added value, what the sale price was, and, of course, how much they made on the deal. It was inspiring stuff.

I also learned that while I might have been behind the eight ball in terms of finance, I had other things going for me. While some people said they would be devastated if they approached an owner and got yelled at or rejected, I realised for me that was nothing. We all had different strengths and skills.

After I finished the course, life presented a few other challenges that prevented me from getting started straight away. But with the help of my new negotiation skills, I’ve managed to get the family finances back into the black and I’m ready to get rolling on my property career in earnest.

I’ve been writing letters to property owners, and just this week I’ve had three responses. One in particular looks really promising. I’m confident that I’ll shortly be buying my first distressed property since doing the course and I look forward to building my property career.

DG Institut’s Property Investment Seminars

Name: Real Estate Rescue Intensive
Duration: Two hours
What is it? : An introduction to the concept of distressed property. Participants will learn the basics of identifying distressed property – properties that are priced below market price due to their owners being in financial straits. Learn how investors can serve as ‘white knights’ buying these properties at a price that benefits both the owners and themselves.

Name: Property Investment Summit
Duration: One day
What is it?: One of DG Institute’s most in-depth property investment seminars with a series of speakers. Run over a full day, it is for people who want to buy property for 10-40% below market value, who want to gain equity in their investments faster, and who potentially have no money behind them but want to get started. Participants will get great tips to grow their portfolios, create more income and overcome their personal barriers.

Name: Real Estate Rescue
Duration: Three-day immersive workshop plus ongoing study and support
What is it? : Think of this as the Cadillac of property investment seminars. It is aimed at providing people who see their future in property investment with the skills, knowledge and know-how they need to make it happen. They will gain access to resources that help them identify distressed properties going for well below market value long before other investors get wind of them. They will learn all about accessing finance, the best strategies for flipping and how to use analytic data to identify trends in the market.

If you want to have a taste of the knowledge shared at these three property investment seminars, join Dominique Grubisa for this upcoming webinar and learn how you can find undervalued property that you can potentially purchase 10% – 40% below market value from motivated vendors.

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