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Our Happy Clients

  • Shane Beard

    "I originally¬†joined DG Institute because I was very interested in doing property development for myself. Like any venture, there has been lows. One of my first deals was a small development where I had just left my full time job. My money partner had sold the property without telling me, which left me back at […]" Read more

    Shane Beard Property Uplift Graduate

  • Michael Nichols

    "Would i recommend Elite Mentoring? Absolutely. You can reinvent the wheel, what you want to achieve in 2-3 years, you can achieve in 3-6 months with an Elite Mentoring coach." Read more

    Michael Nichols Elite Mentoring Graduate

  • Larisha Engelbrecht

    "Larisha is a Real Estate Rescue DGI graduate and a member of the Elite Mentoring community. Her biggest learnings as a graduate were gaining a deeper understanding of how to deal with her mindset as well as the mindsets of other homeowners. With this knowledge, she was able to overcome barriers and the softer skills […]" Read more

    Larisha Engelbrecht Real Estate Rescue Graduate

  • Andrew Canning

    "We bought a distressed property, which was a hoarders home, in NSW.¬† In 8 weeks we have stripped it, overhauled in with a new kitchen and flooring. It will be a 14-week turnaround with a projected profit of $90k the most learnings i’ve had is my self-confidence. The emotional intelligence I’ve gained is what’s most […]" Read more

    Andrew Canning Elite Mentoring Graduate

Frequently Asked Questions

DG Institute events are usually one-day or evening workshops. You can find out more about events on the upcoming events page of our website.

In general, our events focus on one specific area or topic. For instance, the Business Turnaround Summit focuses on takeovers and turnarounds. We plan events this way so that attendees get an excellent overview of the subject.

Our founder, Dominique Grubsia, speaks at the events. But some events will have guest speakers. These speakers are often the top experts in the industry like CoreLogic's Tim Lawless.

During the events, Domonique walks attendees through her strategies. She will share insights, case studies and approaches that you will not find anywhere else.

Many attendees say the Dominique Grubisa event open their eyes to a new world of possibility.

If you are interested in attending a Dominique Grubisa event, then we suggest signing up for our email newsletter. When we confirm event dates, you will receive an invite as well on details about the day.

The DG Institute mission is to help people to grow and protect their wealth. And we offer a lot of education on different topics to help you to achieve that goal.

But how many programs does the DG Institute have? Here's a breakdown...

The Real Estate Rescue program focuses on distressed property investing. You'll discover how to find and secure a property at up to 40% below market value.

The Business Turnaround is about takeovers and turnarounds. You'll learn how to takeover and turnaround business for profit... with little or no money down and minimal risk.

Our Master Wealth Control program helps you to protect your assets. Stop creditors and lawyers seizing your wealth in times of crisis.

Our Property Uplift Program teaches you about lower-risk small property developments.

If you would like to find out more about our programs, visit our website. You can see how many programs the DG Institute have, and what each includes.

If you are wondering what services the DG Institute offers, then you have come to the right place.

The DG Institute offers services related to wealth creation and asset protection.

Our founder Dominique Grubisa hosts webinars every month on a variety of topics.

The Property Connect webinar is about the state of the property market.

The 'Ask Dominique' webinar is where Dominique shares her insight on achieving success.

The 'Business Connect' webinar is about business success, with an emphasis on takeover and turnarounds.

We also host an exclusive webinar on distressed property investing. This is one of our most popular training sessions. You can learn how to discover how to find and secure a property at up to 10% - 40% below market value.

Our Master Wealth Control webinar teaches you how to safeguard your assets. If you want to protect your wealth from lawyers creditors or the government, it's a must-watch.

Finally, Dominique hosts private Elite Mentoring webinars. These are more advanced level training for graduates of our other programs.

For more information about the services that DG Institute offers, feel free to browse our website, or contact our friendly team.

If you want to get in touch with Dominique Grubisa, one of the most effective ways is through the DGI website. You can use the contact form on the site or our phone number.

Dominique will not answer every enquiry herself. Instead, one of the team members may contact you to offer help.

Dominique Grubisa is a registered lawyer with more than 22 years of experience. She can practice law in all jurisdictions of Australia.

Dominique graduated from the University of Sydney. She holds a Bachelor of Arts (with honours), Bachelor of Law and a Master in Law. She also has a Master of Laws degree through specialisation in debt law. She is an ASIC-approved debt specialist. And she is one of the few legal practitioners in Australia who specialises in this area.

She is also known as the 'go-to legal expert' when it comes to buying distressed properties.

The DG Institute contact page is the best way to contact Dominique Grubsia.

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