Ian & Melinda Coward

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Ian & Melinda Coward

Melinda Coward: Well, we moved over from England about 12 months ago, so we needed something to do. My husband’s a fabulous builder and shop fitter and property developer and so we thought, “Let’s not get a normal job and the mortgage and picket fence and all that kind of stuff, and let’s try and be property developers ourselves. So we went to see Dominique and went, “That’s it, that’s for us.”

Ian Coward: I can build and Dot’s great at research. So we just needed somebody to teach the box. And like we said, Dominique’s course teaches both of those boxes.

Melinda Coward: She’s brilliant.

Ian Coward: So that’s what we’re doing.

Melinda Coward: And I haven’t been here for 25 years. So although I kind of know Sydney, I sort of don’t actually, either. So I’ve been in real estate but I don’t know Australian real estate. And she was just such a completely fabulous launching pad on confidence, basics, get started, believe in yourself, figure out what’s stopping you. You know, it’s a formula and a blueprint for anything you want to do in life, actually. We came over here and we had this one mortgage on a property we had for 10 years. We don’t qualify for anything with all this new stuff that’s going on with the banks and all that kind of stuff, we can’t even get a finance card for 5% with nothing. No one will give us any money. So she said, “Okay, what you do is you ask the bank, they probably haven’t heard about it, put that money in trust and then you put it to the next property.” We wouldn’t be in business today if Dominique hadn’t given us that advice. That one little bit of advice was just amazing.

Ian Coward: Fantastic.

Melinda Coward: Secondly about believing in yourself. And also, about the [inaudible 00:01:35], ask for early possession. No one’s in it, it’s completely empty, they don’t care less. We got five weeks early possession just asking because Dominique goes, “Just ask for early possession.” So we did. That was a massive difference.

Ian Coward: Yeah. It took five weeks off of our cost. Into our second renovation already, inside 12 months. Not only moving to a new country but also coming to these elite mentoring days, you get another boost. And then also with your coaches, you speak to them each month, you get another boost again. There are people behind you constantly giving you that little nudge when you really need it. To round it all off, we’ve been here 12 months, we’ve had a week in New Zealand, we’ve had six weeks in the UK and we’re doing two property developments earning nearly $140-$150,000.

Melinda Coward: Living the dream.

Ian Coward: Tell me is that not work/life balance?

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