Property investment seminars Brisbane – everything you need to know

Want to get into property investment but don’t know how? These property investment seminars in Brisbane could get you started.

We’ve all met or read about someone who has got rich by investing in property. Starting out with a modest sum, they bought and sold at the right time and ended up with a multi-property portfolio. Now, they divide their time between looking for new investments, taking holidays and having long lunches.

Who wouldn’t want that lifestyle?

The problem for those of us who want to do the same is gaining the knowledge, experience and know-how to make it happen. While shows like The Block make it look easy, property investment is highly competitive and there are plenty of pitfalls for newcomers. How do you raise the funds to get started? How do you understand the confusing state of the market? What’s the best way to identify those properties likely to offer the greatest returns?

Property investment seminars are an excellent way to get started. They provide participants with knowledge about the market and enough information to assess whether they’re interested in further exploring the possibilities of investing. There are a number of seminars being held in Brisbane in the coming months.

Wealth education business, the DG Institute has been helping people across Australia to improve their financial situation and invest in property for more than a decade. As well as providing education around managing debt, asset protection and property development, it offers a range of property investment seminars aimed at those wanting to invest in the sector. All levels of interest and availability are catered for, with seminars running from two hours to three days and beyond.

Check out the options below to see which property investment seminars in Brisbane best meet your needs.

Choosing Property Investment Seminars in Brisbane

Name: Real Estate Rescue Intensive
Duration: Two hours
Who it would suit: Time-poor individuals after an introduction to property investing

This free property investment seminar in Brisbane is hosted by DG institute Founder Dominique Grubisa. Dominique built a large property portfolio, only to lose it all in the GFC. This taught her about smart investing, and now, having rebuilt and expanded her portfolio, she is sharing her insights with others. In this two-hour workshop, participants will learn the basics of identifying distressed property – properties that are being below market price due to their owners being in financial straits. Learn how investors can serve as ‘white knights’ buying these properties at a price that benefits both the owners and themselves.

Name: Property Investor Summit
Duration: One day
Who it would suit: People with a hunger for more information on property investing

This is another free property investment seminar in Brisbane and suited to people who want a more intensive introduction to property investment, property flipping and distressed property than provided by Real Estate Rescue Intensive. Run over a full day, it is for people who want to buy property for 10-40% below market value, who want to gain equity in their investments faster, and who potentially have no money behind them but want to get started. Participants will get great tips to grow their portfolios, create more income and overcome their personal barriers. As well as Dominique Grubisa, there are great guest speakers with expert knowledge. Past speakers have included im Lawless, CoreLogic’s Director of Research, specialising in real estate markets and demographic trends within Australia, and body language expert Allan Pease.

Name: Real Estate Rescue
Duration: Three-day immersive workshop plus ongoing study and support
Who it would suit: Those ready to commit to a career/sideline in property investment

Think of this as the Cadillac of property investment seminars. It is aimed at providing people who see their future in property investment with the skills, knowledge and know-how they need to make it happen. They will gain access to resources that help them identify distressed properties going for well below market value long before other investors get wind of them. They will learn all about accessing finance, the best strategies for flipping and how to use analytic data to identify trends in the market.

Again, in addition to Dominique Grubisa, a range of experts will offer their input and thoughts on the best approaches to property investment and where the market might be heading. Participants gain access to the Accelerator Home Study Course, monthly webinars, a legal kit, email support, access to potential funding sources and a members-only investor hub, and much more. Participants will walk away with skills that help them to locate and purchase distressed property, organise appropriate value-adding activities, and analyse when is the best point in the market to sell.

With such a wealth of education available, you have plenty of options if you think a property investment career could be for you. So, find out more, do the hard yards, and maybe it could be you taking those holidays and going for those long lunches!

If you want to have a taste of the knowledge shared at these three property investment seminars in Brisbane, join Dominique Grubisa for this upcoming webinar and learn how you can find undervalued property that you can potentially purchase 10% – 40% below market value from motivated vendors.


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    ""Dominique is authentic, integral, switched-on. She's amazing, she's got charisma.""

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  • Ian & Melinda Coward

    "Well, we moved over from England about 12 months ago, so we needed something to do. My husband's a fabulous builder and shop fitter and property developer and so we thought, "Let's not get a normal job and the mortgage..."

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  • Tejas O'Keefe

    "Well, I've done investing before but I've always felt like I was missing a key ingredient, which I now know I have been missing a key ingredient. Just trying to buy really well but without this kind of information has been very trying and difficult..."

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  • Nawras Alali

    "I spent almost 10 years doing aged care, so working for aged care, owner of one of the aged care overseas. And then before this, I came to Australia and I thought to do something with real estate development, renovation."

    Nawras Alali,

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