Property development courses Sydney: your guide to the top three

With its beautiful setting and fast-growing population, the harbour city offers endless real estate opportunities. The following property development courses in Sydney will help you get a start on your development career.

Whether the market is heading up or down, Sydney is always a firm favourite with residential property developers. The city’s large population, attractive natural features and real-estate obsessed inhabitants mean there are always new sites to develop and, generally speaking, an eager market.

More and more people are thinking about leaving their nine-to-five jobs for a career developing property in Sydney. The appeal is obvious – property developers get to structure their own working days, create wealth for themselves rather than for others, and, if they do things right, they can be amply rewarded.

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But where is the best place to start? Unlike the old days when developers had to find their own way into the profession, there are now reputable property development courses in Sydney that explain the theory to get started and how to put all the knowledge into practice. With a bit of study, you can hit the ground running and confidently launch into your first development.

Founded by the wealth and asset protection expert Dominique Grubisa, the DG Institute offers a range of property development courses in Sydney aimed both at complete novices and those with some experience ‘flipping’ residential properties. Entry level courses are free and give participants a solid grounding in development. Higher level courses provide the high-level, detailed knowledge necessary to execute a successful development plus a range of other benefits.

These are the three most popular property development courses in Sydney offered by the DG Institute:

1) Property Developer Workshop

Best for: Total Beginners

The Property Developer Workshop is a great way to dip your toe into the property development sector and to see if it might be right for you. Both free of charge and obligation free, this two-hour course is run by Dominique Grubisa and explains some of the different approaches to development, how people can start off in their free time, and why the potential rewards are so great.

There are three key focus areas. In the DA Uplift section, participants will learn the basics of adding value to a property by designing new features and obtaining council ‘development approval’ (DA) for them. In some cases, it may not even be necessary to purchase the property.

The Sub-Division section will explain the basics of acquiring a property and dividing it up into multiple properties to add value. The approach is simple and low risk when you understand the process and what to look out for.

The Residential Unit Development explains how to build multiple units on a property. Many residential unit developers sell some of their units after completion to pay down their debt, effectively allowing them to own the remaining units outright.

2) Property Developer Summit

Best for: Beginners to some knowledge

The Property Developer Summit is a great way for people with a serious interest in property development to gain more knowledge. Run over the course of a whole day, the summit combines Dominique Grubisa’s insights with those of a panel of sector experts, meaning that participants come away from a broad overview of the challenges – and rewards – of development. The summit is both free of charge and obligation free.

Participants will learn about the pros and cons of sub-divisions, adding value through development applications, and handling a complete residential unit development. During a typical summit, they will also hear from experts in the area of interior design and real estate analytics. Past participants have included award-winning Australian interior designer Shaynna Blaze and Tim Lawless, CoreLogic’s Director of Research who specialises in real estate markets and demographic trends within Australia.

3) Property Uplift Program

Best for: Beginners to some experience

The Property Uplift Program is the Rolls Royce of property development courses in Sydney, for those who believe their future lies in property development and want the tools and knowledge to make it a reality. A three-day course run at regular intervals, it draws on the experience and know-how of some of the country’s most-successful residential property developers. Dominique brings along her full development team to provide an immersive experience.

You’ll meet all the contacts you need in the development game from town planners and architects, all the way through to financiers in a one stop shop interactive, networking and live learning event. Participants will receive a comprehensive workbook, exercises, keynote talks from experts in their field and networking drinks. The event will be fully catered for, including morning and afternoon tea as well as lunch.

Included in the package are:

  • a property development manual
  • an event recording
  • a subscription to RP Data by CoreLogic
  • six months’ access to DGI’s custom-built RP Data online platform for sourcing sites and cutting edge due diligence
  • and six months’ subscription to Blockbrief by CoreLogic.

Participants also get access to feasibility study software, email support, a legal kit and much more.

Armed with the knowledge from the Property Uplift Program, you’ll be in the best position you can be to step boldly into the world of real estate development and succeed.

So, take heart. If property development is your dream, there are plenty of property development courses in Sydney that can help. Choose the right course, work hard, and make wise choices and you will be well down the road to success.

If you want to have a taste of the knowledge shared at these three property development courses in Sydney, join Dominique Grubisa for this upcoming webinar and learn how ‘small-scale’ property developers are making $100,000 (or more) from lower-risk, residential developments.

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Our Happy Clients

  • Lisa Mitchell

    "My name’s Lisa Mitchell. I live in Chatswood in Sydney. Since joining the Elite Mentoring Program. I’ve done two deals made around $240,000. And probably when I add the extra rental that’s coming, it’s another $70,000. I could not be happier with that result. And I’m amazed by it, to be honest, I’m absolutely amazed. […]"

    Lisa Mitchell, Property Uplift Elite Mentoring Graduate

  • Jennine Kimbal

    "Janine Kimball from Newcastle since joining DG Institute we have two projects currently in progress with a gross realization value of about 10 and a half million dollars expected profit from those is going to be probably around $1.8 million when they complete the reason we joined DG Institute and the Elite Mentoring Program, was […]"

    Jennine Kimbal, Property Uplift Elite Mentoring Graduate

  • Michael Kuligowski

    "Hi, my name’s Michael, and I’m from New South Wales. Since joining the Elite Mentoring, we’ve been able to secure three properties. Well, under market value, both in inner Sydney, New South Wales, also regional new South Wales and one in Victoria by, undertaking, this program, we’ve definitely benefited, and we can see that we’re […]"

    Michael Kuligowski, Elite Mentoring Graduate (Property Uplift & Real Estate Rescue)

  • Sharon Harvey

    "Hi, I’m Sharon Harvey. I’m from South Australia. I joined the Elite Program because I was looking for something more in property and I was looking for more education and somebody who would inspire me and Dominique was that person. I listened to her talk and realize that there was a great synergy between us. […]"

    Sharon Harvey, Property Uplift Elite Mentoring Graduate