I believe that each and everyone one of us has the right and the potential to choose our own financial future… to be in control.

I am committed with heart and soul to spreading that message… and that’s the reason why I created the DG Institute.

To let people like you know that they can achieve their dreams and live the life they want.

So are you ready to create a better future for you and your family? To live the life you deserve?


Female Entrepreneur of the Year in Asia, Australia or New Zealand

my business awards FINALIST 2019

Businesswoman of the Year Finalist


Female Entrepreneur of the Year in Asia, Australia or New Zealand

Dominique sharing the stage with contributors to the DG Institute

  • Alan Pease With Dominique Grubisa - DG Institute
    Alan Pease
    Mindset and human behaviour expert

    Alan is the most successful Australian authors ever. He has written 17 bestsellers and sold 25 million copies of his books in 53 different languages.

  • Jamie Durie With Dominique Grubisa - DG Institute
    Jamie Durie
    Award-winning landscape designer and TV show host

    Jamie is an award-winning landscape designer. He has hosted, or featured in more than 52 TV shows including Oprah and The Block.

  • Maha Sinnathamby With Dominique Grubisa - DG Institute
    Maha Sinnathamby
    Billionaire property developer and BRW Rich Lister

    Maha is the founder of Greater Springfield, the largest master-planned community in Australia. He is one of the countries richest people.

  • Scotty Cam With Dominique Grubisa - DG Institute
    Scotty Cam
    Gold Logie Winning TV Personality

    Scotty is one of Australia’s most popular TV show hosts. He is best known as the presenter on the hit reality TV show The Block

Dominique Grubisa BA (Hons) LLB, LLM

Dominique Grubisa is a consummate professional. Having worked in the law for over 27 years, 20 of those as a barrister, specialising in debt and property law (not currently practicing). A hard working business woman, property investor and developer, mother of three and founder of the DG Institute, this celebrated entrepreneur has built her successful business over the past 13 years around one simple premise, to empower everyday Australians to grow and protect their wealth.

Her mission in establishing the DG Institute was to provide education to clients, to empower them with the knowledge required to pursue their own financial independence through property and business strategies, to help grow their wealth. Working hand-in-hand with this philosophy, Dominique is passionate about teaching her clients and the wider public the importance of protecting everything they have worked so hard for through Asset Protection strategies. After almost going broke herself, Dominique made it her life’s mission to provide her clients with the ability to not only grow their wealth but to also protect it as well.

As an avid investor having bought and sold multi-million dollars’ worth of property over the years, Dominique successfully pioneered distressed real estate investing in Australia. Her system has helped countless investors enjoy instant equity in property while at the same time, helping distressed homeowners escape the costs of the repossession process.

Dominique’s industry expertise has resulted in her appearing as a debt expert on a number of media programs, including: A Current Affair, Today Tonight, The Circle and throughout other forms of print and digital media.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you are looking for Dominique Grubisa webinars, you can find them on the DG Institute website.

Dominique hosts several webinars every month on a variety of topics.

The Property Connect webinar focuses on the state of the real estate market.

On the 'Ask Dominique' webinar, Dominique shares her insight on achieving success.

The 'Business Connect' webinar is about business success, with an emphasis on turnarounds.

We also host an exclusive webinar on distressed property investing. This webinar is one of our most popular. You can learn how to find and secure property at up to 10% - 40% below market value.

Finally, Dominique hosts private Elite Mentoring webinars. These webinars focus on more advanced ideas and strategies not available anywhere else.

There are many different places you can find independent Dominique Grubisa reviews online. But these reviews will often be for the DG Institute rather than Dominique herself.

The first place to look for reviews is the DG Institute website. The website has dozens of written review and video testimonials from students. Many of these people have achieved great success using Dominique's strategies.

You can also find Dominique Grubisa review websites. The Google Business Listing for The Dg Institute has more than 170 verified reviews. They are almost all positive.

Another source of Dominique Grubisa reviews is This website is Australia's most trusted consumer opinion portal since 2003, with more than 1.5 million genuine reviews. It contains more than 200 Dominique Grubisa reviews.

If you want to find out more about Dominique, you can also view Dominique's bio on our about page.