What Is Included In Asset Armour?


The Asset Protection Trust System

Your documents are prepared for you. Your asset protection structure is designed to protect your wealth throughout your lifetime.


A Testamentary Will - The Ultimate Legacy Protection Vault

A professionally prepared will that the truly wealthy have in place, which allows you to protect your wealth once it’s passed on to your beneficiaries, so that you leave a legacy for future generations and your bloodline, and so your wealth cannot be compromised or lost when you are gone (should your beneficiaries go through divorce, remarriage, bankruptcy or any other unforeseen events).


Access To Your Own Legal Team, As Your Situation And Wealth Changes

Support, protection advice and free amendments and updates from professional experts in relation to your constantly changing wealth position, so that you are always protected at any given point in time.


A Personalised Asset Protection Plan

Personalised professional advice for your current wealth situation and future goals.


Access To Our Members Only Online Portal And Monthly Live Webinars

A comprehensive resource section where Dominique covers everything you need to know about asset protection and the changing global, economic, financial and legal issues that may arise, with on-going live monthly webinars to keep you updated in these changing times. Immensely valuable information to assist you to make well informed decisions when it comes to making personal choices about your future business affairs.


Bonus #1 Enduring Guardianship - Health and Lifestyle.


Bonus #2 Enduring Power of Attorney - Financial



Bonus #3 Your Personal VIP Access Membership Card

Which entitles you the cardholder to:

  • FREE contract reviews for life
  • FREE contract negotiation for life
  • 1 FREE Discretionary Trust set-up
  • 30% off our full national conveyancing fee for life

Asset Armour

One Full Payment of $8,500 or 6 Monthly Payments of $1,700

(TOTAL - $10,200)

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Safeguard Your Wealth While You Profit Safely

Stop Creditors From Touching Your Most Important Assets.


Your Family Home

Quarantine your home from creditors, even if you owe money on your property.


Your Business

Grow your business while protecting your profits and income.

Your Bank Account

Safeguard your bank accounts while increasing your wealth.

Your Property Portfolio

Safeguard your rental income and properties while expanding your portfolio.


Your Income

Shield your wages from garnishees and instalment orders.

Real Life Stories From Business Owners To Investors

Asset Armour

One Full Payment of $8,500 or 6 Monthly Payments of $1,700

(TOTAL - $10,200)

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Asset Protection Trust System?

Asset Protection Trust System is a legal way to protect your wealth throughout your lifetime.

For instance, if you hold all your property in your name, you could be putting your assets at risk. An Asset Protection Trust is a way to reduce your exposure and potential loss of control. But without changing ownership on the property title.

An Asset Protection Trust offers many benefits. It prevents creditors from touching your assets in the event of financial hardship. It protects and safeguards your assets, both at home and abroad. And there are also some tax benefits.

The DG Institute Asset Armour service includes an Asset Protection Trust set up as part of the package.

Asset security matters because it protects your family's wealth in times of crisis.

Nobody sets out in life intending to fall into debt or go bankrupt. It can happen for many reasons, and they are often out of your control. For example, our founder, Dominique Grubisa, lost a lot of money because of the GFC.

But while you cannot control outside circumstances, you can control the choices you make now. You can prepare in advance for things to go wrong so that when they do, it's not a disaster. You will be ready.

A great asset protection plan can protect your wealth, your assets and your legacy if things go you. You can stop any creditors, lawyers and the government from taking everything you own. Having asset security also gives you the confidence to invest proactively.

If you'd like to find out more about asset security and why it matters, Dominique hosts a complimentary webinar, Master Wealth Control.

An asset protection plan is a blueprint that secures your assets in times of crisis. It stops creditors, from taking what you own.

Asset protection plans come in all shapes and types. There is no one-size-fits-at-all approach. And any professional who tells you otherwise is doing you a disservice.

A good asset protection plan works for your individual circumstances. It takes into account your personal and professional risks, as well as your financial goals and situation.

At the DG Institute, we offer a customised asset-protection plan for your situation. We include this plan as part of our Asset Armour service.

As part of that service, you also get access to a comprehensive online portal. In this portal, Dominique covers everything you need to know about asset protection. She also talks about changing global, economic, financial and legal issues.

Estate planning is the process of deciding who will inherit their assets after they're gone. If you don't take the time to do it, you can't choose who gets everything you have worked so hard to earn.

Wills and Estate planning are critical because they ensure that your wealth goes to the right people. Without it, you have no control over your legacy.

It can also protect your wealth from the tax office. By planning your estate in the right way, you can potentially save your loved ones a significant tax burden.

Most important, it can prevent a family from fighting after you have gone. We have all heard about those court battles that rip families apart. Estate planning can prevent that from happening.

If you want to start planning your estate, we include a testamentary will as part of our Master Wealth Control service. This will is a legal document that transfers your wealth to the correct beneficiaries after death.

If you want to protect your assets, then here's why you should choose DG Institute.

Our founder, Dominique Grubisa, is one of Australia's leading asset protection experts. Having worked in the law for over 27 years, 20 of those as a barrister, specialising in debt and property law.

She understands first hand that feeling of being disempowered, and she wanted to help other people who end up in a similar situation. So she created an asset protection system called Asset Armour, which allows ordinary people to safeguard their wealth and their legacy.

If you would like to find out how Asset Armour can help you to protect your assets, you can get more information on our website.