What Is Included In Master Wealth Control?


The Vestey Trust System

Dominique and her legal team will prepare legal documents for you. This will your "invisible force-field" to protect your wealth throughout your lifetime.


A Testamentary Will - The Ultimate Legacy Protection Vault

Dominique and her lawyers prepare for you the type of will that the truly wealthy have in place. This will allow you to protect your wealth in the hands of your beneficiaries, so that you leave a legacy for future generations and your bloodline, and so your wealth cannot be compromised or lost when you are gone (through divorce, remarriage, bankruptcy or any other unforeseen events).


Access To Dominique's Legal Team, As Your Situation And Wealth Changes

Legal support, protection advice, free amendments and updates from Dominique's professional team of legal experts in relation to your constantly changing wealth position, so that you are constantly protected at any given point in time.


A Personalised Asset Protection Plan

Personalised legal advice for your current wealth situation and future goals.


Access To Dominique's Members Only Online Portal And Monthly Live Webinars

A comprehensive resource section where Dominique covers everything you need to know about asset protection and the changing global, economic, financial and legal issues that may arise, with on-going live monthly webinars to keep you updated in these changing times.


Bonus #1 Enduring Guardianship - Health and Lifestyle.


Bonus #2 Enduring Power of Attorney - Financial



Bonus #3 Your Personal VIP Access Membership Card

Which entitles you the cardholder to:

  • FREE contract reviews for life
  • FREE contract negotiation for life
  • 1 FREE Discretionary Trust set-up
  • 30% off our full national conveyancing fee for life

Master Wealth Control

One Full Payment of $8,500 or 6 Monthly Payments of $1,700

(TOTAL - $10,200)

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Safeguard Your Wealth While You Profit Safely

Stop Creditors, The Government And Lawyers From Touching Your Most Important Assets.


Your Family Home

Quarantine your home from banks, creditors and litigators, even if you owe money.


Your Business

Grow your business while protecting your profits and income.


Your Bank Account

Bulletproof your bank accounts while increasing your wealth.


Your Property Portfolio

Safeguard your rental income and properties while expanding your portfolio.


Your Income

Shield your wages from garnishees and instalment orders.

Real Life Stories From Business Owners To Investors

Master Wealth Control

One Full Payment of $8,500 or 6 Monthly Payments of $1,700

(TOTAL - $10,200)

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