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Brisbane - Fri 6th April | Sydney – Sat 7th April | Melbourne – Sun 8th April

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1-Day Live Workshop Reveals The 5-Step Blueprint To Create Accelerated Wealth Through Property In Today’s Market

  • Step 1: Get early information on future hotspots: Access the latest property data from Australia's most trusted source. CoreLogic's Tim Lawless will share proprietary information that is not available to the public.
  • Step 2: Secure property at up to 40% below market value: Dominique Grubisa reveals how to find undervalued property in growing suburbs. Dominique is Australia's leading expert in this area.
  • Step 3: Speed up capital growth: Dominque shares how to create the right sort of uplift and increase the property value for a profitable sale.
  • Step 4: Safeguard your wealth and profits: Dominique Grubisa shares how to protect your assets from creditors. Dominique is Australia’s leading debt specialist.
  • Step 5: Maximise results: Mindset expert, Allan Pease, shares his breakthrough strategy to achieve your property goals faster.

This event is unlike anything else out. It is the ONLY place where you can discover how to get ‘Day 1 Equity Gains’ in suburbs that are set to potentially boom. Plus, how to protect the money you make so that you can pass it on to family or charity.

Tickets will sell out fast, just like our previous events. That means that if you want to attend, you need to act quickly.

Expert Presenters

Brisbane Convention Centre - Fri 6th April | Sydney Convention Centre – Sat 7th April | Melbourne Convention Centre – Sun 8th April

SPECIAL BONUS: The First 100 People To Register and Attend Get Access CoreLogic’s Latest 'Insider' Property Market Data

Dominique Grubisa

Lawyer, Developer and Property Entrepreneur

Dominique Grubisa is your host at this event.

She has bought, sold or held more than $50 million in real estate. She is a practising lawyer, a licensed real-estate agent and credit specialist.

Dominique is also a bestselling author. She has shared the stage with CoreLogic's head of research, Tim Lawless, and Jamie Durie, amongst others. Plus, she has featured on A Current Affair, Today Tonight, Australian Property Magazine, Channel 9 and Channel 10.

Her real-world investing experience, combined with her university education gives her a unique perspective. Dominique has helped countless students to get started in property investing.

Tim Lawless

Head Of Research At Core Logic (RP Data)

Tim Lawless is the head of research at CoreLogic (RP Data).

CoreLogic is the largest provider of property information, analytics and property-related risk management services in Australia and New Zealand.

They handle about 90% of Australian valuation instructions every month. CoreLogic have coverage of more than 98% of the Australian property market, and have access to more than 4 billion data points. They are trusted by everyone, from real estate agents to the Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA).

Allan Pease

World-Renowned Mindset and Human Behaviour Expert

Mr Body Language, Allan Pease, is a preeminent human behaviour specialist and success mindset specialist.

Together with his wife, Allan has written 17 bestsellers. He is the most published author in Australian history, having sold 25 million copies of his books in 53 different languages. Plus, more than 100 million people have watched his TV series and hit box office movie.

Allan is also well-known for his fun and informative presentation, and has spoken on stage in 70 different countries. He has shared the stage with Brian Tracey, Richard Branson and Arnold Schwarzenegger. Some of Allan’s most popular books include 'The Definitive Book of Body Language,' 'Why Men Don’t Listen and Women Can’t Read Maps' and his new bestseller, 'The Answer.'

Brisbane Convention Centre - Fri 6th April | Sydney Convention Centre – Sat 7th April | Melbourne Convention Centre – Sun 8th April

SPECIAL BONUS: The First 100 People To Register and Attend Get Access CoreLogic’s Latest 'Insider' Property Market Data

A 5-Step Blueprint For Accelerated Wealth Through Property

No two investors are the same. But after 25 years, I have created a 5-step blueprint that can help almost anyone to build wealth, faster.

This blueprint is a complete approach to property investing that nobody else teaches. It includes all the puzzle pieces you need to achieve your financial dreams faster. If you use it, you may never have to worry about money again.

The blueprint works in almost any market conditions. It is lower risk than many strategies, and once you understand it, you can get results fast.

For example:

  • A Brisbane investment generated $157,000 profit in 95 days.
  • A Goulburn property increased in value by $170,000.
  • A Sydney investment earned $97,262 gain in 90 days.

Plus, many more.

At the Property Investor Summit 2018, you will see how this blueprint can make you a more prosperous investor.

Session #1: How To Get In To Hotspots Early, And Ride The Next Wave Of Capital Growth

The Sydney boom is over, after prices fell for the second month in a row. That is the view of UBS bank, which recently declared an end to the Golden Era.

But Australia is a big country. And there are still plenty of opportunities to ride the next wave of high-profit growth.

At the Property Investor Summit 2018, you will learn:

  • How to buy and sell with peace of mind in today’s turbulent property market. Including data on where to buy and where NOT to buy from the RBA's trusted sources.
  • How to uncover the next growth area before other investors. Get insider information on potential future hotspots from CoreLogic. CoreLogic is Australia’s leading property data specialist.
  • The best areas to get positive cash flow and high-rental returns in Australia. Valuable information based on the research of 4 billion data points.
  • The DANGER areas you need to 'get out of' right now if you own property. Computers analysed 98% of property transactions across Australia. These areas are flashing red warning signs.

There are a lot of negative commentators right now, telling people not to buy, but to rent. This view is very simplistic (and pessimistic).

There are more than 3,000 suburbs in Australia. They are not ALL overvalued. There are still plenty of areas with high growth potential. The ONLY catch is finding them.

The Property Investor Summit 2018 will help you to do just that.

Session #2: How To Secure Property At Up To 40% Below Market Value In High-Growth Areas

Property prices are at record highs in many areas. But there are still opportunities to find undervalued bargains properties, if you know where to look.

The good news is that Dominique Grubisa is an expert at finding these hidden hot property gems. Dominique has bought, sold or held more than $50 million worth of property. She has also helped countless students to snap up property at 10% - 40% BELOW market value.

And, at the Property Investor Summit 2018, Dominique will reveal her simple strategies including:

  • How to tell whether 'below-market' property is set to jump in value. As many as 4 out of 5 bargain investments are a ‘bad deal.’ Here Dominique will show how to spot the winners.
  • Instant equity? How to secure property at up to 40% below market value in high-growth areas. What to look for, how to approach the owner, how to seal the deal.
  • How to find partners who will finance the land purchase and development costs. This strategy has helped Dominique’s students to set up deals using other people’s money.
  • The 'undervalued property checklist' process. Before investing in undervalued property, run through this process. It could save you thousands.

Plus, much more.

The best part about this strategy is that it works regardless of the economic climate. In fact, it works even better in a slowing market.

Plus, it generates returns of 10% - 40%, which is like boom-time growth. So it is almost like creating a property boom on demand.

Many investors never know about these hidden property deals. You often will not hear about them from average real estate agents or internet property sites.

But as you will see at the Property Investor Summit 2018, they can give you fast equity, which you can then reinvest in more property to accelerate your wealth even faster.

Session #3: How To Manufacture Capital Growth And Build A Lot Of Equity Faster

Many investors use the traditional buy-and-hold property strategy to build wealth. There is nothing wrong with that. It is slow, but it is useful. But if you want to achieve the same results, except faster, then the ONLY difference is a few extra steps.

At the Property Investor Summit 2018, you will learn these steps from leading experts including:

  • How to force growth, so you do not have to wait for the market. The secret to making money, whether the market goes up or down.
  • How to choose an expert team to do all the hard work for you. Lessons learned from $50 million worth of property investing.
  • How Australia’s wealthiest investors create jaw-dropping capital gains. Best part: You do not need to be rich (or connected) to take advantage of this.
  • How to make money from developments without laying a single brick. Nothing to do with approvals or zoning.

The simplicity of this approach of adding big money to a property's value will surprise you. If you are looking to build your wealth faster with safety and confidence, it is an eye-opener.

Session #4: How To Protect Your Assets From Creditors

If you are like me, you probably roll your eyes at the bizarre lawsuits people bring.

The case of the surgeon who sued Nike when he tripped on his shoelaces comes to mind. Or the burglar who sued a family when he fell through their skylight.

But as you know, excluding these crazies, litigation is a serious problem.

Australia is right behind the US when it comes to litigation. New South Wales, Queensland and Victoria all sit in the top ten for legal suits. And it is frightening how many times people’s lives are ruined even when they have done nothing. They often lose their homes, assets and retirement savings.

Even worse, as a property investor, you have a bulls eye target on your back.

  • You have assets.
  • You status as a landlord exposes you.
  • Lawyers see you as a 'nice pay-day.'

The good news is, Dominique Grubisa is one of Australia’s leading asset protection specialists. Not only is she a lawyer, but she is also a certified debt expert.

At the Property Investor Summit 2018 , Dominique will share strategies to safeguard your home and assets including:

  • How to protect your family home from banks and creditors. Do not end up living in a motel with no privacy or creature comforts.
  • How to grow your wealth through investing without risking everything you worked for. It is easier to make good investment decisions when you are not under.
  • How to restructure your existing assets into safe-haven entities. Stop creditors from touching your possessions and savings.

Plus, much more.

Do not waste another minute worrying about losing your home or assets again. Safeguard your wealth, so it is lawsuit-proof, judgement-proof and creditor-proof, forever. Make sure that you have money to pass on to the next generation.

Session #5: How To Develop A Success Mindset For Rapid Wealth Creation

Everyone has an internal ‘GPS’ that can guide them towards success. But, you need to set it right. Otherwise, you will end up going around in circles - even if you are a ‘walking Wikipedia’ of property investing knowledge.

At the Property Investor Summit 2018, you will hear from world-leading human behaviour specialist, Allan Pease.

Some of the topics he will cover include:

  • How to get what you want even if you are terrible at negotiating. Simple body language strategies to develop rapport, read between the lines, and turn the situation into your favour.
  • How changing your life starts with asking 5 questions. These ‘uncommon-sense’ questions will open your eyes and help you to achieve your goals.
  • How to reprogram your mindset to see opportunities, not difficulties. Backed by the latest scientific research on magnetically attracting success.
  • How to become a great net worker. So you can make profitable connections with developers, partners and financiers.

Plus, much more.

These success mindset strategies will help you to move up the property wealth ladder faster, accumulate more capital, more cashflow and more income… so you can potentially retire sooner AND richer than you are now.

A big promise yes.

But Allan is one of the world’s greatest thinkers in this area. He has written 17 bestsellers in this topic and is Australia’s best selling writer EVER.

Brisbane Convention Centre - Fri 6th April | Sydney Convention Centre – Sat 7th April | Melbourne Convention Centre – Sun 8th April

SPECIAL BONUS: The First 100 People To Register and Attend Get Access CoreLogic’s Latest 'Insider' Property Market Data

Real Life Case Studies Prove How Effective These Strategies Are

Case Study 1

Location: Brisbane

Strategy: Flip
Purchase Price: $430,000
Sold: $610,000
Net Profit: $157,000
Note: Project Time 95 Days

Case Study 2

Location: Sydney

Purchase Price: $920,000
Costs: $65,476
Sold: $1,082,737
Net Profit: $97,262
Note: Project time 90 days

Case Study 3

Location: Goulburn

Strategy: Hold
Purchase Price: $480,000
Valuation: $650,000
Equity: $170,000

Case Study 4

Location: Queensland

Strategy: Hold
Purchase Price: $330,000
Market Value: $500,000
Equity: $120,000

Real Life Success Stories

  • "We purchased a property for $270K. Market value without any renovations, it is $430K." – Anare Kouliarou

  • "I bought a property that was a divorce case and I am looking to make $90K conservatively." – Enrique

  • "We are currently doing a takeover deal… looking at a good $100K profit." – Atkinson

  • "My cut would be $20K for 60 cent investment for a postage stamp… pretty amazing." – Mark Foley

Who Should Attend The Property Investor Summit 2018?

  • If you want to make money from property no matter what stage the market is at, then do not miss this event.
  • If you want ‘insider’ information on the latest property trends and the next potential hot spots, then do not miss Tim Lawless’ presentation.
  • If you want to learn how to read hidden body language cues, so you can negotiate better deals, Allan Pease’s world-famous strategies can help.
  • If you want to earn big profits from small developments, then this event is for you.
  • If you want to secure your financial future and retire wealthier than you are now, then reserve your seat.
  • If you are a property professional who wants to improve results for clients and increase your knowledge, you will enjoy this event.
  • If you are worried about interest rate rises or the economy, this event will give you peace of mind.
  • If you want to generate wealth using other people’s money, then this event will be eye-opening for you.
  • If you want to own property debt-free, to gift your children a head-start in life, you will discover how at this event.
  • If you want a simple, safe, and proven system to build wealth, then this event will change your life.

Brisbane Convention Centre - Fri 6th April | Sydney Convention Centre – Sat 7th April | Melbourne Convention Centre – Sun 8th April

SPECIAL BONUS: The First 100 People To Register and Attend Get Access CoreLogic’s Latest 'Insider' Property Market Data

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In the event of a student sharing their story, no remuneration was offered or paid to the student for sharing their story. The timeline and details of all student transactions have not been verified by Dominique Grubisa. If you wish to make a particular investment or follow a particular strategy then you should consult a financial adviser to fully understand the risks associated with that course of action in your particular circumstances.

DG Institute Pty Ltd may refuse registration or entry to any individual.  This event is not suitable for young children or babies and entry may be refused.

Recording devices of any kind, animals and illegal substances are strictly prohibited.  The event may not be recorded or photographs taken without the express permission of DG Institute Pty Ltd.  In addition, no flyers, advertising or marketing collateral may be distributed at the event.

Your attendance shall constitute your acceptance that during the event, each speaker will be offering additional courses for purchase by participants. These courses will enable you to learn in greater detail how to put into practice the speaker’s strategies. These additional educational services will be offered for sale at the event. You are free to choose whether or not you want more information or wish to purchase the further services offered by the speaker.