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The Distressed Properties Report

Get Instant Access To A National List Of Distressed Properties That You Can Secure At Potentially 40% Below Market Value

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Get an edge on other investors with this up-to-date list of thousands of listings by motivated vendors across Australia:

  • Find properties at a national, state, suburb and street level. Quickly find the best distressed deals before other investors know they exist.
  • Search for dozens of keywords like deceased, divorcee, bankruptcy, etc. This data can help you to judge how likely it is that you can secure the property at a bargain price.
  • Access court list date, first listed price, last listed price and more. Get the key information you need to negotiate the best deal on a property.
Plus, much more.

About Dominique Grubisa

I purchased my first distressed property in my early 20s.

At the time I had no idea what I was doing. I just happened to be in the right place at the right time, and the deal of the decade fell in my lap.

When I was ready to invest in a second property, I naturally wanted to find another great discounted property deal.

Of course sellers don’t advertise their properties as “distressed” or “below market.”
And the few “deceased estate,” “divorce,” or “mortgagee” sales I found were already out there. Every Tom, Dick and Harry was buzzing around them in a lather and bumping up the price rather than offering me any discount.

So drawing on my legal expertise, as a lawyer specialising in debt, I developed a repeatable process for finding distressed properties in Australia.

Distressed property lists like this are one of the key tools I use to search for real estate that I can potentially secure at up to 40% below market value.

Dominique Grubisa

Lawyer, Property Investor And
ASIC Licensed Debt Specialist

Real Case Studies Of People Who Used
This Database To Secure Discounted Properties

Julie Sherden
Wentworth Falls, NSW
Purchase Price – $675,000
Price listed for – $750,000
Discount – $75,000 (10%)
Property found – Open for inspection
Circumstances for sell – on market deceased estate
Strategy -Flip
Liz and Mike Roughan
Blacktown, NSW
Purchase Price – $650,000
Price listed for – Auction(RP Data value $723-$750K)
Discount – $75,000 (11%)
Property found- Open for inspections
Circumstances for sell – on market deceased estate
Strategy – buy and hold – cash flow
Jason Chittenden
South Lake, WA
Purchase Price – $350,000
Price listed for – $420,000 bank owned
Discount – $70,000 (16.6%)
Property found – Court list
Circumstances for sell – mortgage
Strategy – renovate and flip
Dean and Karen Stjernqvist
Aberdare, NSW
Purchase Price – $300,000
Price listed for – $330,000
Discount – $30,000 (10%)
Property found – Through Agent
Circumstances for sell – personal circumstances of Owner – forced sale
Strategy – flip