V.I.P Bonus#1

VIP Treatment & Seat Upgrade (Front-Section Reservation)

Enjoy express registration and fron section where you will get to sit in the exclusive VIP seating.

V.I.P Bonus#2

Book - How to Cope When The Sky is Falling (Value $45)

An insider's guide to recover from debt, avoid bankruptcy and achieve financial freedom by Dominique Grubisa.

V.I.P Bonus#3

Book - Your Renovators Legal Toolkit (Value $35)

Dominique’s Renovators Legal Toolkit gives you a step by step guide all the legal considerations you need to consider when doing renovations whether cosmetic or structural. This guide comes from Dominique’s over 25 years experience as a legal specialist and property entrepreneur.

V.I.P Bonus#4

Financial Crisis DVD Series(Value $197)

What if you knew the Global Financial Crisis was coming back? What would you do to protect your assets and how would position yourself to profit? In this special webinar presentation, you’ll get an unbiased briefing on today’s financial world and how the wealthy are investing safely and profitably in today’s troubled times.

V.I.P Bonus#5

Book – Property Secrets of the 2% (Value $35)

This book outlines a course of action for acquiring wealth through successful investment in distressed property and property development, as well as sharing solid strategies for protecting your wealth.

VIP Terms: The VIP tickets are non-refundable and non-transferable. The VIP Pack is only available to collect on the day of the event. You must therefore attend the event to receive your VIP Pack as it contains a physical copy of the books, other materials and/or DVD¹s. The reason for this is that the contents of the VIP pack are ordered in bulk and delivered straight to the venue and given to you in person. This saves on handling and postage costs and therefore allows us to make the VIP Pack so affordable.