Dominique Grubisa is a lawyer with more than 20 years in experience specializing in debt and commercial law.

She has helped safeguard the assets of countless investors and championed financial rights and solutions for those struggling in debt.

Her sought after knowledge on financial law has seen her appear on A Current Affair, Today Tonight, The Circle and other news media.

Dominique is also a best-selling author and sought-after wealth educator, having bought, sold and held more than $50 million in property over the past fifteen years.

Join me at my complimentary evening workshop and discover the impact of:

  • Australia’s Housing Bubble & Interest Rates
  • The Great Mining Downturn
  •  Looming Debt Time Bombs in China, Japan, America and Europe
  • The Impending Death of the European Union.. and more.


Join me at my workshop where I will introduce my 3 step formula.

  • My 3 step blueprint for finding, investing in and holding distressed properties at 10-40% below market in Australia.
  • How and where to find distressed property opportunities in Australia.
  • What you need to know about the legal, banking and finance system when it comes to distressed property.

The NEW Global Financial Crisis And How It Could Devastate Australian Property Owners, Businesses and Investors.

  • Why the world is on the verge of another financial crisis.
  • Why Australia could be on the verge of a major property collapse.
  • How to quarantine your wealth from attack.
  • How to thrive and position yourself for greater wealth.

Learn how you can protect your assests and wealth

Join us for a FREE Webinar where you will discover about the new global financial crises and how it could devastate Australian property owners, businesses and investors.  Learn how you can protect your assets and wealth.

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