The 3 Step Process - How It Works ?

Dominique Grubisa

Lawyer, Property Investor And ASIC Licensed Debt Specialist

Dominique Grubisa

I purchased my first distressed property in my early 20s.

At the time I had no idea what I was doing. I just happened to be in the right place at the right time, and the deal of the decade fell in my lap.

When I was ready to invest in a second property, I naturally wanted to find another great discounted property deal.

Of course sellers don’t advertise their properties as "distressed" or "below market."

And the few "deceased estate," "divorce," or "mortgagee" sales I found were already out there, and every Tom, Dick and Harry was buzzing around them in a lather and bumping up the price rather than offering me any discount.

I also discovered that there is no education curriculum to teach you the ropes on how to locate, buy and, sell distressed properties in Australia.

So drawing on my legal expertise, as a lawyer specialising in debt, I developed a repeatable 3 step process for investing in distressed properties in Australia.

Brisbane - Thu 18 Oct 2018 | Sydney - Sat 20 Oct 2018 | Parramatta - Sat 20 Oct 2018 | Melbourne - Sun 21 Oct 2018 | Glen Waverley - Sun 21 Oct 2018

Who Should Attend?

This process has assisted me to buy, sell and hold multi millions of dollars worth of real estate over the past 15 years.

  • If you want to buy a property for 10-40% below market value...
  • If you want to make money when you buy and obtain instant equity that may otherwise take years to realise through traditional ‘buy and hold’ investing…
  • If you are wanting to get started in property but have no money behind you and no ability to borrow any…
  • If you are looking for a way to create an income in your spare time, which can supplement or replace your day job…
  • If you are a renovator wanting to source a property below market, add value and “flip” for a quick profit…

The good news is that it really is possible, when you understand how to find and invest in distressed properties – all you need is my insider knowledge. That is why I am running a very special two-hour event called the ‘Real Estate Rescue Intensive’ to introduce you to my 3-step process.

Real Case Studies

  • Case Study 1

    Location: Brisbane

    Strategy: Flip
    Purchase Price: $430,000
    Sold: $610,000
    Net Profit: $157,000
    Note: Project Time 95 Days
  • Case Study 2

    Location: Goulburn

    Strategy: Hold
    Purchase Price: $480,000
    Valuation: $650, 000
    Instant Equity: $170,000
  • Case Study 3

    Location: Sydney

    Purchase Price: $920,000
    Costs: $65,476
    Note: Project Time 90 Days
    Sold: $1,082,737
    Net Profit: $97,262

Brisbane - Thu 18 Oct 2018 | Sydney - Sat 20 Oct 2018 | Parramatta - Sat 20 Oct 2018 | Melbourne - Sun 21 Oct 2018 | Glen Waverley - Sun 21 Oct 2018

Where Do You Find Great Deals Like These?

Now is the perfect storm economically, politically and socially. I have been waiting for all these indicators to align, for a long, long time.

The Americans have been doing this for years. I have taken their model, reverse-engineered it and built it from the ground up to fit the Australian property market, the Australian Legal System and the Australian Banking and Finance system.

Now it has all come together and the planets are aligned due to:

Now it has all come together and the planets are aligned due to:

  •   The age of technology via the Internet. These deals are now publicly available if you join the dots and know where to look. The Internet has made the impossible possible.
  •   Historically low interest rates, trending lower. We have never had rates this low, for this long.
  •   A property cycle on the upswing.
  •   Massive debt in our financial system. Australia leads the world on current data, spending over 130% of what we earn.
  •   Massive wealth migration. Money is flooding into Australia now, with a volatile global economy and new High Net Worth investors, and it is pouring into our property market.

All of these fundamentals are aligning to make in a lifetime, perfect environment for distressed property investing.

Real Life Success Stories

"We purchased a property for $270K, market value without any renovations, it is $430k." - Anare Kouliarou

"I bought a property that was a divorce case and am looking to make $90K conservatively." - Enrique

"We are currently doing a takeover deal... looking at a good $100K profit. " - Atkinson

"My cut would be $20K for 60 cent investment for a postage stamp... pretty amazing" - Mark Foley

Why You Should Attend?

1- Many investors take ten years or more to achieve their financial goals because they purchase at retail value. You can replicate their results in a fraction of the time.

2- It is possible to make great profits while avoiding the headaches of traditional ‘buy and hold’ investing such as dealing with tenants, maintenance and potential long-term vacancies.

3- This approach can be a very lucrative line of work provided that you are knowledgeable and persistent. It is possible to supplement or replace your job income with the potential profits.

4- It could be a great way to increase your retirement nest egg.

5-You can do it in your spare-time while you still work in a job until you have achieved your financial goals.

6- Many distressed properties are not investment grade. In fact, most are not. You will be shown how to avoid scams and risky properties.

7- You do not need money or access to credit in order to invest. Many of our clients buy and sell distressed property without any of their own money. We’ll show you how it is done.

8- Few legal experts, if any, understand or teach how to utilise this approach. It is still new to Australia.

9- I have legally protected my intellectual property. You will not find my trademarked system being taught anywhere else.

Are People Who Buy Distressed Properties Greedy Opportunists?

Sure, some investors unfortunately fit that stereotype.

However, those who are successful long-term are compassionate, fair minded and genuinely want to help property owners solve their financial problems while earning a fair and reasonable profit in return.

By taking problems off distressed property owners, you can help protect their credit rating potentially saving them from bankruptcy and assisting in rebuilding their lives.

That is good news because it means that they can move on to potentially rent or buy another property later down the track.

I Want YOU to join the ranks of successful,fair-minded investors at my 'Real Estate Rescue' Intensive.

Brisbane - Thu 18 Oct 2018 | Sydney - Sat 20 Oct 2018 | Parramatta - Sat 20 Oct 2018 | Melbourne - Sun 21 Oct 2018 | Glen Waverley - Sun 21 Oct 2018