V.I.P Bonus#1

VIP Treatment & Seat Upgrade (Front-Section Reservation)

Enjoy express registration and front section where you will get to sit in the exclusive VIP seating.

V.I.P Bonus#2

Business Gazette
(Value $447)

List of distressed businesses for each state to view and monitor Judgement and Court lists.

* Will be delivered electronically

V.I.P Bonus#3

Book - Ultimate Acquisitions
(Value $25)

In this book, Dr. McKaskill explains that if handled effectively, acquisitions have the potential to provide a business with major growth potential. He provides a pragmatic acquisition guide for growth-oriented, medium-sized businesses.

V.I.P Bonus#4

Book - Masterclass for Entrepreneurs on Fundamentals
(Value $25)

In this book, Dr. McKaskill looks at the challenging and rewarding life lived by entrepreneurs, as well as the skills required to excel in this area. In addition to energy, passion and optimism, entrepreneurs need to acquire abilities such as managing cashflow and risks, as well as skills in managing people. If you are considering becoming an entrepreneur or have already embarked on this career path, this book will be a salve for your soul.

V.I.P Bonus#5

Legal Kit
(Value $99)

A comprehensive legal kit providing you standard template documents to put your deals together, including:

  • Business Due Dilligence Checklist
  • Heads of Agreement
  • Non Disclosure Agreement (Sample)