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Michael Nichols Elite Mentoring Graduate

My name is Michael Nichols. I'm from Perth, Western Australia. The reason I joined elite mentoring was because I needed access to a coach that could shortcut me from A to Z without me having to...

Larisha Engelbrecht Elite Mentoring Graduate

I think the biggest learning that I've had so far today is learning about emotions and actually learning to deal with that, or dealing with how to get to the feeling, What are the feelings that...

Andrew Canning Elite Mentoring Graduate

Since joining DGI, the most learnings that I've had is my self-confidence. I went from a guy who was outspoken and sometimes arrogant and angry to a guy now who thinks and acts the emotional...

Jason Chittenden Elite Mentoring Graduate

The reason I originally joined DG Institute was that I always knew there was a better way apart from having a day job. DGI offered that opportunity for me to advance my real estate knowledge along...

Michelle Kennedy Real Estate Rescue Graduate

I guess the best learnings that I got from the three days was the technical skills. Even though I'd watched the videos prior to coming today, and they were clear, being here in person clarified, even...

Ian & Melinda Coward Elite Mentoring Graduate

Melinda Coward: Well, we moved over from England about 12 months ago, so we needed something to do. My husband's a fabulous builder and shop fitter and property developer and so we thought, "Let's...

Tejas O’Keefe Real Estate Rescue Graduate

Well, I’ve done investing before, but I’ve always felt like I was missing a key ingredient, which I now know I have been missing a key ingredient. Just trying to buy really well but without this...

Nawras Alali Elite Mentoring Graduate

I spent almost ten years doing aged care, so working for aged care, owner of one of the aged care overseas. And then before this, I came to Australia, and I thought to do something with real estate,...

Mike Windsor Real Estate Rescue Graduate

The experience is absolutely fantastic. Dominic and the team are so empowering. There's a lot of information that I've taken. A lot of knowledge. A lot of what Dominic teaches resonates with me in...

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Our mission is to empower every day Australians to grow and protect their wealth. We do that by educating our clients on how to grow their wealth through property education. We also provide legal services to ensure people protect their assets effectively and do their succession planning. In addition, we assist clients with their finances and accounting to support their wealth journey.

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There are many places online where you can find reviews by DG Institute graduates independent reviews. First, you can visit the review page on our website. These pages include written testimonials from graduates, as well as videos. They will give you a good sense of what people like about the DG Institute. Another great source of independent reviews is the website ProductReview.com.au. This website is Australia’s most trusted consumer opinion portal. It has been around since 2003 and has more than 1.5 million genuine reviews by Australian consumers. DG Institute has more than 200 reviews on this website, almost all positive. Many DG Institute graduates have also left independent Google. To see these reviews, you can go to our Google business listings – viewable to the right of the search results. There are more than 170 reviews here with a lot of positive feedback and support for the programs.
There are many places online where you can Dominique Grubisa reviews. But most of them will be for the DG Institute, Dominique’s business. First, you can visit the review page on our website. These pages include written testimonials about Dominique’s program and expertise. They will give you an excellent overview of the way Dominique teaches. The reviews page on our website also includes video reviews of Dominique Grubisa and DGI. If you want a non-affiliated source of reviews, then you can visit ProductReview.com.au. This website is Australia’s most trusted consumer opinion portal. It has been around since 2003 and has more than 1.5 million genuine reviews by Australian consumers. There are more than 200 reviews on this website Dominique Grubisa and the DG Institute. They are almost all positive. Another independent source of Dominique Grubisa reviews is our Google Business Listing. This listing has more than 170 by Dominique Grubisa graduates.
Dominique Grubisa events are usually one-day or evening workshops. Each event focuses on a specific area so that attendees can get a detailed overview of the topic. For example, Real Estate Rescue is about securing a property at below market value. Whereas, our property develop workshop is about small developments. Dominique Grubisa events often have guest speakers. These speakers are often the ‘go-to’ experts in their areas. For example, Tim Lawless, CoreLogic’s head of research, has spoken at our live events. During the event, Dominique will walk you through her strategies. She will share insights, case studies and approaches that you will not find anywhere else. Many attendees say the Dominique Grubisa event open their eyes to a new world of possibility. If you are interested in attending a Dominique Grubisa event, then we suggest signing up for our email newsletter. When we confirm event dates, you will receive an invite as well as details about the day.
DG Institute programs help everyday Australians to grow and protect their wealth. Read a review on the DG Institue Real Estate Rescue Program. Our founder, Dominique Grubisa, is a skilled debt and commercial law specialist with more than 22 years of experience. She is also an ASIC-approved debt specialist. As a property investor, Dominique has experienced both success and failure. She has bought, sold or held more than $50 million in real estate. But she also lost everything during the GFC and had to work her back from millions of dollars in debt. As an entrepreneur, Dominique has built a business from start-up to turning over tens of millions of dollars in revenues. She has also successfully taken over and turned around other business, a process she teaches in her Business Turnaround program. This unique blend of real-world knowledge and legal theory means that DG Institute programs are now the go-to programs for many when it comes to property and business education.