Kane Akwane

Real Estate Rescue Graduate

Kane Akwane

The key learnings have given me a point of launching as soon as tomorrow. I’ve done the research before, I’ve read the materials, saw a little bit of the DVDs, but certainly reading the whole manual, and coming here and being around like-minded people, the energy, and I think Dominique spoke about that, the energy was just amazing, but also just having some tools, yeah, I’m ready to launch. And I’m very excited in terms of where we’re at and the timeline just before Christmas as well is probably, they’ve spoke about it, is a peak time to jump into it so I’m not going to waste any time and I’m ready to go and there are some people I’ve spoken to who are sort of saying oh, okay, well I don’t know whether, I might just wait, wait, wait.

Well I’ve done that before in other programmes or other business ventures but I’ve decided I’m going to jump in. But what makes me safer is the back up support but also the learnings that I’ve been fortunate enough to get here, but also just hanging around the energy of the people who are sharing a journey or living a dream or trying to live a dream, that we’re sharing a platform in the work that Dominique and her team’s providing is just giving us that, I don’t know, that confidence and that self belief to move on and the food has been fantastic. You need to get a taste of what an opportunity this is. Whether you’re ready like me to jump the next day or not, you should do the course because it just gives you another way of thinking and it re-collaborates your brain.

And some of the insight stuff that she’s talking about is gold, like it’s, and I’ve found out while I’ve been here I’ve got super fund, I’ve got a substantial amount of super fund sitting in a superannuation fund and I’ve just found a free consultation in the green room that I can actually put that into a self managed fund and also access for another layer of investments which I hadn’t even thought about. I was looking at the short term sales but now I have another opportunity and I’ve just gone whoa. So thanks for having me.

Dominique Grubisa Business Turnaround Review | Dominique Grubisa Real Estate Rescue Review

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