Jason Chittenden

Elite Mentoring Graduate

Jason Chittenden

The reason I originally joined DG Institute was that I always knew there was a better way apart from having a day job. DGI offered that opportunity for me to advance my real estate knowledge along with the support, the emotional intelligence with that. It’s basically my fast track to success, and I knew that’s the path that I had to take. So with every property journey, there are some lows, one of them comes to mind was an investment property we purchased to renovate itself. We forecasted that a $50,000 profit, due to the market, turning over capitalizing on the renovation budget, not doing my thorough due diligence in regards to Southwest. We actually made about a $30,000 dollar loss on that. That sort of hit home pretty deeply for me because it sort of made me realize that I suppose my confidence got struck a bit in my numbers.

Having so with, the program and the people, the support that you have in that they can sort of talk you through it. It’s a mistake that I’ve learned. I’ll never make that again. Having the support behind it through the DG Institute, but some of that actually got me through that if I was on my own and had that sort of loss, that’d have made me parallelized, and I probably would never touch property again. Some of my highest points for on my journey so far is definitely personal development. I feel that I’ve grown so much as an individual more confidence in myself, more mindful of the way I do things and how I do things. Obviously, that’s one thing. The money thing is also another one. That’s not as important to me, I suppose, in my life at the moment. The emotional journey that I’m on, it’s pretty cool.

The numbers on one of my successful deals was a $290,000 purchase. I only spent $30,000 on the renovation. I ended up making $75,000 in about three months.

If anybody is considering joining the DG Institute, I recommend it to all of my friends, all my family, anybody who I talked to who wants to advance themselves, not only personally, financially, it’s a must even to attend an event, see what Dom has to say. Cause the learnings that you’ll get the personal development that you will get it’s something that’ll last a lifetime, and it’s well worth the time and effort you put into it.

I recommend Elite Mentoring to anyone who wants to advance themselves not only personally, but financially. The learnings and personal development that come from the program last a lifetime.

Jason Chittenden
Elite Mentoring Graduate

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