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Exclusive Webinar Briefing on Fixing and Flipping Distressed Property With Lawyer, Property Investor And Debt Specialist

Learn How You Can Find Undervalued Property That You Can Potentially Purchase 10% – 40% Below Market Value From Motivated Vendors

Be sure to lock in your viewing time! What you’ll learn…

  • How to find, evaluate, and acquire distressed properties with the highest potential return.
  • How to buy “pre-foreclosure” properties directly from the Bank — at huge discounts.
  • How to help homeowners beat the banks and have them work with you, plus common mistakes you should avoid… and more!
  • How to source a property below market, add value and “flip” for a quick profit.l
And much more…
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About Dominque

I purchased my first distressed property in my early 20s.

At the time I had no idea what I was doing. I just happened to be in the right place at the right time, and the deal of the decade fell in my lap.

When I was ready to invest in a second property, I naturally wanted to find another great discounted property deal.

Of course sellers don’t advertise their properties as “distressed” or “below market.”

And the few “deceased estate,” “divorce,” or “mortgagee” sales I found were already out there, and every Tom, Dick and Harry was buzzing around them in a lather and bumping up the price rather than offering me any discount.

I also discovered that there is no education curriculum to teach you the ropes on how to locate, buy and, sell distressed properties in Australia.

So drawing on my legal expertise, as a lawyer specialising in debt, I developed a repeatable 3 step process for investing in distressed properties in Australia.

Dominique Grubisa
Lawyer, Property Investor And Debt Specialist
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The 3 Step Process – How It Works ?

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Real Case Studies Of Discounted Properties

Discounted Properties
Julie Sherden
Wentworth Falls, NSW
Purchase Price – $675,000
Price listed for – $750,000
Discount – $75,000 (10%)
Property found – Open for inspection
Circumstances for sell – on market deceased estate
Strategy -Flip
Discounted Properties
Liz and Mike Roughan
Blacktown, NSW
Purchase Price – $650,000
Price listed for – Auction(RP Data value $723-$750K)
Discount – $75,000 (11%)
Property found- Open for inspections
Circumstances for sell – on market deceased estate
Strategy – buy and hold – cash flow
Discounted Properties
Jason Chittenden
South Lake, WA
Purchase Price – $350,000
Price listed for – $420,000 bank owned
Discount – $70,000 (16.6%)
Property found – Court list
Circumstances for sell – mortgage
Strategy – renovate and flip
Discounted Properties
Dean and Karen Stjernqvist
Aberdare, NSW
Purchase Price – $300,000
Price listed for – $330,000
Discount – $30,000 (10%)
Property found – Through Agent
Circumstances for sell – personal circumstances of Owner – forced sale
Strategy – flip

Real Life Success Stories

Success Stories

“We purchased a property for $270K. Market value without any renovations it is $430K.” – Anare Kouliarou

Success Stories

“We are currently doing a takeover deal… looking at a good $100K profit.” – Atkinson

Success Stories

“I bought a property that was a divorce case and am looking to make $90K conservatively.” – Enrique

Success Stories

“My cut would be $20K for 60 cent investment for a postage stamp… pretty amazing.” – Mark Foley

100% FREE – Next class is starting today!
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