The Recipe For Property Success


Knowing what to do and when

Having expertise means that you know what to do in any given situation. It’s a feeling of absolute certainty at any point during a deal and can only be achieved individually through long practice. To fast track you to a level of expertise that might otherwise take years, or even decades to acquire, DGI can place you with mentors who have the expertise that you can rely on and model.

Negotiations Mastery Course


Leveraging technology for timely, coherent, valuable data

With access to new technology, you can give yourself an insurmountable head start over the competition. The ability to overlay many pieces of information in one place and have absolute clarity of where opportunity lies is the reason DGI have created our own, bespoke software package. We call it “FastProperty” and it’s such a gamechanger that having access or not can be the difference between success and mediocrity.

Negotiations Mastery Course


It’s not always “what” you know…

When you’re surrounded by people who are on the same journey as you, there’s clearly going to be real value in the form of motivation and support. But networking as a property entrepreneur is even more valuable than that. DGI can give you access to Money Partners, Joint Venture partners, local experts and more.

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The ability to keep going and leveraging motivation into action

Accountability is huge. There’s often a disconnect between you wanting something and you being prepared to do absolutely everything required to get it. Developing new skills and doing all the work that goes into being successful can be challenging. DGI use individual accountability coaches and group engagement, as well as showing you ways to use psychology to your advantage, to make certain that your dreams don’t go in the “too difficult” basket.

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