Sign in to the Referral Partner Center


Referral partner can go to account sign in page
Below the main sign-in form, you will notice a link that says, Referral Partner Sign-in


Click the Referral Partner Sign-in link.


Enter your sign-in credentials. Each referral partner is assigned a unique code. The code is your username. You also need a password, which is usually created by you when you first signed up as a referral partner.

Navigating the Referral Partner Center

Navigation is performed by clicking on the relevant menu option on the left-hand side of the page. There are three menu categories: Home, Resources, and Reports.


The Home section gives access to update your contact information and the ability to view information regarding your commission program(s).

  • Welcome: Shows the welcome message to to visit the Referral Partner Center overview page.
  • My Profile: Gives access to view and update your profile information.
  • My Programs: Gives access to a list of the program(s) your enrolled.
  • My Commission Structure: Gives the access to the specific commission fees/percentages for your program(s).


The Resources section gives access to the tools you need to promote your products/services

  • You can generate their redirect links
  • You can access your promotional material: Advertising banners, Email Copy, and Resource Pages.


The Reports section gives You access to commission, lead tracking, and sales reports. The My Ledger report will be a valuable tool you can use to access your financial earnings.