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Master Wealth Control 2022 Masterclass Recap

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The Master Wealth Control Masterclass will be held on

Tuesday, 21th June 2022 starting at 7:00pm (AEST)

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What you’ll discover at this event

  • How to isolate your home and other personal assets, so they are secure if your business gets into trouble.
  • How to put safeguards in place that reduce your exposure to litigation from both external and internal parties (i.e. staff).
  • Worried about your cash flow? Here’s how to get your finances back under your control -even if creditors are chasing you right now.
  • How to potentially get all your contracts reviewed to identify and mitigate any potential future financial risks.
  • How to secure your legacy and ensure your wealth is passed on to the right people when you’re gone.
  • How to minimise your financial risks by restructuring your assets into entities you control.