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Sat, 18th Jun 2022 9:00 AM to 10:30 AM

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What could you lose in the economic storm ahead?

We are Navigating Uncertain Economic Waters and You Need to Be Proactive, Take Control and Have Your House In Order. One wrong step could see you lose everything.

We know interest rates have a lot further to rise and house prices (where we store most of our wealth) are falling. As we enter one of the coldest winters in history, energy prices are soaring, inflation is out of control and wages are not going up. Consumer confidence has fallen for the sixth month in a row.

There are some massive headwinds coming our way and there will be a day of reckoning where a lot of people lose a lot of their wealth.

Debt is like a game of musical chairs and you want to make sure you’re not the last man standing.

Most people know that there is trouble brewing but they don’t know what they don’t know and their strategy is to cross their fingers, hope they make it in the dash for a chair when the music stops and that they come through the bumpy times ahead with as much as they had going in.

But hope is not a strategy!

Many factors are now converging that are a “first time” experience for most people. The 6 known knowns or indisputable objective facts are as follows:

  • Australian consumer sentiment just experienced its biggest decline since June 2015.
  • Australia’s private sector is the second-most indebted in the world.
  • Most economists agree that interest rates will continue rising past the 4% mark (Currently they’re at 0.85% after the shock RBA hike this month).
  • Oil, gas, electricity and energy prices are off the richter scale due to supply chain issues and the war in Ukraine.
  • Cost of living is going through the roof.
  • Our wages are going backwards.

However, as Charles Darwin said, in times of change it is not the strongest or the smartest who survive and thrive, it is those who are the most responsive to change.

For a select few, it will be a case of not just surviving but thriving. They will be in control of their assets and wealth no matter what lies ahead because they took action to protect everything now and set themselves up for opportunities ahead.

That’s why we are holding a special one-off emergency masterclass to empower you to take control of what’s yours to lose right now as everything changes.

Take Control of What’s Yours to Lose Right Now as Everything Changes.

In this Masterclass you will learn:

  • What is yet to come and what you need to do now to get your house in order and brace for impact
  • How to protect your personal assets and wealth.
  • How to ensure you do not get caught short in the coming economic fallout
  • How to set yourself up for life and leave a legacy
  • How to stay in control with the uncertainties that lie ahead

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Quarantine your home from banks, creditors and litigators, even if you owe money.


Grow your business while protecting your profits and income.


Safeguard your bank accounts while increasing your wealth.


Safeguard your rental income and properties while expanding your portfolio.


Shield your wages from garnishees and installment orders.


Safeguard your retirement nest egg from meltdowns and nationalization.

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