What’s Included in the Wealth Creation Mastery Program?


Comprehensive, certification level, eLearning based, digitally delivered Mindset Education Program comprising: (Value $6,382)

  • 18 x Video lessons
  • 18 x Audios
  • 18 x Worksheets
  • 18 x Mini quizzes
  • 1 x Final Exam

A personally signed copy of Paul’s best selling book, Resolving The Money Riddle. (Value $50)

Learn and apply the tactics, strategies and mindset that make creating wealth a matter of course rather than a matter of luck. This is the manual for how to work smarter not harder!


Three Groundbreaking Webinars With Paul. (Value $997)

A deep dive into the 3 keys in the psychology of achievement and your chance to get direct access to Paul's knowledge.

  • 1: Resilience, Focus & Overcoming Obstacles The mechanics of how to stay motivated despite the hectic pace of life and the myriad demands of parenting, work, wealth creation, staying fit and finding happiness.
  • 2: Implementation Secrets Of The Super Successful How to turn intentions into actions that produce concrete, measurable results. How and where to invest your limited time so that it is returned to you with interest added so that you progressively get more and more done in less and less time.
  • 3: Ending Procrastination A comprehensive process of eradicating the fear that drives all acts of procrastination. Discover and eliminate the fundamentals that cause procrastination to rear its ugly head - even while you are talking (angrily) about it!

Get the inside edge as Paul chats for an hour (or more) with his top 10 clients. (Value Priceless!)

Each client is a self made, rags to riches story - they talk openly about the personal barriers they had to overcome and how they created their multi million dolllar empires. Inspiration for your University of The Car!

That is over $7,429 Worth Of Value

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One Full Payment of $997 or 3 Monthly Payments of $397 (Total - $1,191)

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This Material Has Changed The Lives Of Over 800,000 People On Four Continents Over 33 Years

  • Turn uncertainty, self doubt and and procrastination into bankable results
  • Learn the tools and techniques to creating a wealth mindset
  • Join an exclusive club of people who are making money with their mind
  • Bring confidence and capability into every deal
  • Stay relaxed, certain and secure during negotiations
  • Create opportunities where others see blockages
  • Master the principles of high achievement
  • Work smarter instead of harder
  • Breakthrough subconscious blockages to success
  • Eliminate self doubt, procrastination and feeling overwhelmed
  • Negotiate like a ninja

Case Studies

In one 20 minute session Paul took us through a process that freed up a blockage we didn’t even know we had. That has since resulted in millions of dollars of income that we can directly attribute to that 20 minutes. When Paul talks - we listen.

Andrew & Daryl Grant

In an hour Paul sorted through all my “stuff” and got me an immediate 300% increase in my results. He just gets it, he understands people, what makes them tick and what they need to do to jump up to the next level.

Dominique Grubisa

$60,000 in one phone call, then $50,000 in another one! Paul has been my Coach for the past three years. Having been in his workshops - I wanted some of that magic one on one, just for me. When I consider the cost of not having my own success specialist/advisor - it turns out to be hundreds of thousands of dollars. On two separate occasions, I have rung Paul to run an idea past him and both times he has given me advice which has either earned me or saved me in excess of $50,000. Around here we call him the $50,000 man. I know from personal experience that the reason Paul continues to be able to perform such miracles is that he is out there "doing it" and passing on his learning's rather than just being a talking head. Thank you, Paul.

Amanda Burrell

My journey from worker bee in a big corporation to multi-millionaire with business interests all over the world has been totally because of Paul and his influence over me for the past 15 years. He is my “go to” man for anything to do with high performance.

Carol Kent

Individual Offer

One Full Payment of $997 or 3 Monthly Payments of $397 (Total - $1,191)

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Why Is Mindset So Important?

Take any profession (say plumbers for example) and spread their success on a horizontal line and what you’ll see over and over again is that they can all have the same opportunity to turn it into success, failure or mediocre results.

The same applies in “events”. The 2003 bushfires in Canberra saw 500 houses burn to the ground. You could be forgiven for saying that the same thing happened to everyone - their primary asset went up in smoke.

But the truth is that their mindset turned the event into whatever they were PREDISPOSED TO BELIEVE about it.

Take money for example:
Any accountant will agree that if you put 10% of your pay packet away from day one - by age forty (YEP - that’s 40) you’d be wealthy enough to never have to work again.

But look around for those who have pulled it off and you’ll only need one finger to point them out.

Mindset is about what you DO with what you HAVE.

It turns average people into super-achievers.

Those without it work hard, put in the hours, sweat bullets and get average results.

What You Will Learn

  • Session 1. Getting The Mental Edge In this first class Paul introduces you to your brain and how it works. He outlines why we do so many counterproductive things and how to turn any issue around so that life and business starts to flow. You’ll feel more in control of your life than ever before.
  • Session 2. The Four Keys To Cracking The Success Process Understand, comprehend and apply the four secret sauces that turn regular people into genuine goal achieving, guided missiles regardless what the targets may be. These easy to apply concepts will guide you through the ups and downs of life and business.
  • Session 3. How To Hit Your Personal & Professional Targets Anyone can set a goal and watch the deadline sail past undisturbed. Knowing the difference between what creates a stretch and what creates stress and drama enables us to pick winners that deliver the kind of results that bring ease and grace into our lives. You’ll know what to do, when to do it and how to do it.
  • Session 4. The Psychology Of Creating Wealth Most people lose themselves and their connection to their family because they create wealth with the application of massive amounts of energy, concentration and effort. The consequences are usually that they blow the wealth trying to compensate for the "loss" of their life force. You'll know the who, what, where and how of creating wealth and KEEPING IT.
  • Session 5. Applying Emotional Intelligence Recognised as the only proven predictor of future success Emotional Intelligence stands head and shoulders above qualifications, willpower, tenacity, intelligence, experience & effort. Study after study have shown that those who know how to work positively with their emotions consistently achieve at the highest levels.
  • Session 6. How To Persuade And Influence Convincing others to cooperate with you and your plans is fundamental to building a team, a family or a business. Being able to create a sensible argument for your case, put it persuasively and get people to take action is the basis of building anything. You’ll be bringing immense personal power to the table in any situation.
  • Session 7. Enhancing Self Image You cannot consistently achieve anything at a higher level than you see yourself. This is the number one reason lottery winners end up back at square one. The money doesn’t fit with the way they see themselves and has to go - so that they are comfortable again. This session introduces you to the principles and practices that will permanently elevate your self esteem - meaning higher levels of achievement in everything you do become automatic.
  • Session 8. Eradicating Subconscious Blockages If you don’t have EVERYTHING you want right now then you must have a subconscious blockage to having it (you can’t see it). This lesson describes a fool proof method for clearing blockages regardless of how long they have existed or how deeply they may be buried. You will use this process on yourself and your loved ones for the rest of your life!
  • Session 9. Reading People At A Glance When you can recognise the personality type of the people you are dealing with, you gain an automatic ability to modify your language to suit theirs. This makes you immediately more persuasive and powerful when dealing with them. Expect things to go your way more often!
  • Session 10. Perception Is Reality Henry Ford once said, “Whether you believe you can or you believe you can’t, you are absolutely right.” Of course he was referring to the power of our perception of ourselves as capable, courageous or confident or the opposite. This session teaches you how to change your most cherished (and hated) inner beliefs so that you’ll see better results in your day to day world. You’ll understand how to evolve into a better you - by thinking differently.
  • Session 11. Effective Time Managementy Most people are driven by what’s urgent (crises) and miss out on what’s important (family). Effective time management skills mean that you slow down on getting things done right and speed up on getting the right things done. You’ll become an achievement ninja and have time to have a life as well!
  • Session 12. Personal Habit Change We all know there are things we need to change about some of our behaviours that would make our lives and the lives of those we love immensely better but we just don’t seem to be able to get them over the line. We go well for a while and then fall off the wagon. It’s about understanding the problem and understanding the emotions around it. In this lesson you’ll be learning a reliable system for habit change we have taught for 33 years to everyone from heroin addicts to fidgeters.
  • Session 13. Ending Procrastination Although this might be Australia’s national sport and many people think they are gold medal contenders, ending procrastination is a simple process when you understand what creates it in the first place. Expect to become a person of prompt action!
  • Session 14. Stress Management Eighty percent of the people in our hospitals are there because of stress related illness - yet when you consider that what stresses one person is what relaxes another - you have to conclude that stress is 100% self induced. Learn the processes and mental exercises that quickly relegate stress to the “optional” basket. Eliminate your energy drain leaving you more focused, more energised and even sleeping better at night.
  • Session 15. Personal Success Routine Every super successful person in history began their day with a ritualised, religiously implemented set of processes that made them “bulletproof”. Whether it be reading, meditation, prayer or exercise - they refuse to let the world interfere with setting up their mind for the day. The result is that they handle the inevitable challenges of the day in a far superior way - resulting in kicking more goals than your average group of ten people. You’ll be building the momentum and the confidence to be performing at the next level!
  • Session 16. Wants Vs Needs If you give yourself enough of what you want you’ll never have what you need. (eg chocolate vs exercise!) BUT give yourself enough of what you need and you’ll have everything that you want. This version of Emotional Intelligence identifies what you need to do and why you need to do it so that you get maximum results with ease and grace.
  • Session 17. Handling Setbacks Only a fantasy life doesn’t have setbacks. In this lesson you’ll learn about “speed recovery”. This highly essential skill is in every professional athlete’s mental toolbox but few regular people ever learn it. This is what being resilient is all about - it won’t remove the tough times from your life but it will reduce the damage the tough times cause and enable you to get back on your feet quicker. This means you do more, get more, be more!
  • Session 18. Entrepreneur Skills Most people learn business by doing what ever has to be done to get to the next level or through the current problem - but its a specific set of thinking skills that turns a successful business operator into a genuine Entrepreneur (meaning multiple streams of income) perceiving opportunity where others couldn’t see anything but a mess. These skills enable you to take massive action and keep hold of the big picture to transform you and your entire life.

Individual Offer

One Full Payment of $997 or 3 Monthly Payments of $397 (Total - $1,191)

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