Company: means Master Wealth Control Pty Ltd [ABN 121 480 366 77] having its registered office at 20/7 Narabang Way Belrose NSW 2086 and its associated companies and business names listed below.

Customer: means the person(s) or company named on the order form or over the telephone. Where the Customer is a corporation this agreement is signed under Section 126 of the Corporations Act 2001 by its agent.


  1. This agreement regulates the sale by the Company to the Customer for the purchase by the Customer of the Company’s products and services concerning real estate purchases, development, improvement, investment and sale as identified on the order form or over the telephone.
  2. The sale price under the agreement stated on the order form or over the telephone can be at the election of the Customer paid by lump-sum or by instalments as specified on the order form or over the telephone.
  3. The Customer acknowledges that where payment to the Company is made by instalments the full purchase price is payable and is a debt owing to the Company by the Customer.
  4. By entering into this agreement the Customer agrees to pay the specified purchase price to the Company by the due dates and accepts responsibility and liability for payment. The Customer acknowledges that if payments are not made by the due dates, seminar services or the provision of products and services may be cancelled by the Company without notice and no refund or credit will be given.
  5. By entering into this agreement the Customer acknowledges that if default is made on any payment that remains outstanding for 60 calendar days or more then under the Privacy Act 1988 and similar privacy legislation, the Company can at its discretion list information about the default with a credit reporting agency and refer the Customer’s details to a debt collection agency to recover the outstanding balance. The Customer acknowledges and accepts liability for all legal costs on an indemnity basis and expenses incurred by the Company in connection with recovery of overdue accounts from the Customer.
  6. On entering into this agreement, a 3 business day cooling off period commences and the Customer can cancel the agreement and receive a refund of all monies paid under the agreement. A refund becomes a cancellation of the agreement in its entirety. Notice of cancellation within the cooling off period must be given by the Customer to the Company by email at the address: info@dginstitute.com.au . Notice of cancellation by telephone is not permitted. If the Customer has received products from the Company and used them within the cooling off period a refund is not permitted.
  7. The Customer acknowledges that all monthly/6 monthly/12 monthly subscription service charges are automatically charged/debited the same day each month/every 6 months/ 12 monthly until cancelled. To cancel a monthly/6 monthly/12 monthly product the Customer must give the Company notice by email at least 7 calendar days before the monthly/6 monthly/12 monthly charge is scheduled to be charged/debited.
  8. The Customer acknowledges that if non-attendance at any event or seminar services (if applicable) booked and paid occurs, the Customer:

    1. may transfer their enrolment to the same event on a future date (only if available) within 12 months of this agreement commencing; or
    2. may transfer their ticket to a nominated new attendee, subject to notifying the Company and providing full contact details for the nominated new attendee; and
    3. must notify the Company in writing in relation to (a) or (b) at least 21 calendar days before the seminar services commence or an administration fee of $495 will apply.
  9. The Customer acknowledges that, if they do not notify the Company in writing or attend the seminar services he or she has booked and paid for within 12 months of this agreement commencing, the Customer’s ticket will be deemed to be abandoned by the Customer and he or she will not be entitled to any seminar services, any associated material, nor any refund of money paid. The Customer acknowledges that information, venue and event dates are subject to change and the Company is not responsible for any cancellation or rescheduling of venues, events, or changes in the program. In the case of rescheduling of an event, tickets will be transferred to the new date.
  10. The Company declares and the Customer acknowledges that the intellectual property, copyright and trademarks relating to the products and services sold under this agreement are the sole and absolute property of the Company. The Customer acknowledges that title to all such intellectual property, copyright and trademarks relating to the products and services remains with the Company and are provided to the Customer for their personal use only and copying them is prohibited.
  11. Aspects of the products and services provided by the Company may have been prepared and supplied by DGI Lawyers Pty Ltd (ABN 89 620 718 550). The Company may retain the services of DGI Lawyers Pty Ltd from time to time at no cost to the Customer for advice and opinion as may be necessary for the soundness and regulatory compliance of the products and services supplied to the Customer.
  12. By entering into this agreement the Customer acknowledges reliance upon personal choices and decisions and not on any influence, persuasion, warranty or representation made by the Company.
  13. The Customer accepts full responsibility for profits and losses arising out of the use of the Company’s products and services and no recourse can be had against the Company for indemnity for losses and conversely the Company has no recourse against the Customer for profits made.
  14. The Customer acknowledges that the strategies taught by the Company require the Customer to implement them as an independent business person making their own investment decisions. The Company does not underwrite the Customer’s investment decisions nor warrant that the Customer’s investment choices or decisions are likely to be successful. The Company will, at the request of the Customer, provide answers to the Customer’s questions and provide general advice to the Customer without specific recommendations but rather guidance as to the Customer’s desired achievements and expectations.
  15. The purpose and suitability of this product to the Customer relative to needs and circumstances have been considered by the Customer who declares that it is of a commercial and business nature and not for personal domestic or household use.
  16. The jurisdiction and law applicable to this agreement is the State of New South Wales.
  17. Service of notices process and documents by one party on the other shall be by email only at the respective email addresses stated on the order form or over the telephone.


This legal practice conducted by Dominique Grubisa and her legal services are independent of and not provided by or affiliated with Dominique Grubisa’s other businesses. The affiliated companies and business names of Master Wealth Control Pty Ltd are, DGI Financial Planning P/L, DGI Accounting P/L, DGI Finance P/L, Open Network Funding P/L, DGI Lawyers P/L

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