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As you may know, the common wisdom when you owe a lot of money is to either declare bankruptcy or consolidate your debts.

But what’s common is not always right. And in our experience, bankruptcy and consolidation should be the last resort. These options take away your financial freedom and put your future in the control of other people for years. That’s why we want to tell you about another way:

A middle-ground approach where you don’t have to sit on your hands and let creditors push you around

This approach has stood up in the Federal Court of Australia. It can get creditors to accept cents on the dollar without staining your record. It can stop the harassing letters, the nasty phone calls. And, it can give you more breathing space to focus on getting back on track.
  • Thanks to this middle-ground solution, a QLD woman was able to get $49K in credit card debt erased and the account closed.
  • A Sydney man reduced his debt repayment from $21k a month to a manageable $400 a week.
  • And many other people have been able to escape debt and stop being at the mercy of creditors.
It can work for you, too. If you want to find out how to take advantage of these little-known strategies, then book an appointment today. This is your chance to stop living uncomfortably and start to finally get back on your feet… so that others can’t dictate your future or limit your potential.

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There’s no debt crisis that can’t be solved with the right approach.

DGI Debt Management includes everything you need to escape debt and get back on track with your life. We will:

Prevent debt collectors or creditors harassing you.

We will act as your authorised representative and sole point of contact.

Negotiate with creditors on your behalf, including settlement of debt where appropriate.

We guarantee that the benefit to you will be more than the cost of our services – so we pay for ourselves or your money back.

Assess your current financial situation and rework your prior accounting records if required.

We have found many clients have overpaid the ATO and this can be undone and refunded – at no extra cost.

Negotiate with creditors to stop all payments owing, without penalty.

We will then create a personalised debt management plan for you to get you back on track.

Determine if there were fraudulent practices or maladministration in your matter.

We will deal with creditors on your behalf. If necessary, we will also prepare, lodge and manage Ombudsman complaints to buy you time.
In short, we will guide and support you through the recovery process, so you can get out of debt and start growing your wealth again. Plus, you get access to our legal team for support as required for 12 months for your changing circumstances. And you get access to our DGI Finance division who will review your loans with a view to refinance on better terms. It is a big world of lending out there and we have a lot of contacts, which means more potential options for you. You can wave goodbye to the pain and distraction, and start moving forward instead of feeling overwhelmed.

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