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Real Estate Rescue

Platinum Graduate Package
(Real Estate Rescue Graduates ONLY)

Get New Insights & Deeper Learning On How You Can Find Undervalued Property That You Can Potentially Purchase 10% – 40% Below Market Value From Motivated Vendors

What is Included in the Platinum Graduate Package?


Saturday 9th – Monday 11th June 2018 (Hilton Sydney)

Real growth occurs not just from learning new things, but mastering what you already know. “Repetition is the mother of learning” says the Latin proverb.

Re-sitting our Real Estate Rescue program allows you take your understanding to a mastery level and absorb the material with a fresh new perspective PLUS you get the latest insight and updates that have occurred in the market place.

The event includes all your catering plus an evening event that includes cocktails, canapé’s and networking on the second night.



Get up close and personal in our VIP ONLY SEATING at the front of the room - the best seats in the house. Being near the front will get you connected to Dominique and facilitate your making new breakthroughs. VIP Registration and first in the door.



Leading up to the event and during the training, you’ll also participate in special mentoring sessions with high level coaches. These coaches have hands on experience in the field and their services are in high-demand. They will personally work with you to overcome any roadblocks you may be facing, answer any questions you may have and hold your hand as you plan your next steps.



Exclusive Platinum-only high level networking breakfast with Dominique and our Elite Mentoring coaches on Sunday morning, where you will have the opportunity to connect with Dominique and in an intimate setting.



This learning pack contains a special online program and other bonus training materials. You’ll find practical ways to increase value, boost profit margins and turbocharge your cash flow, emailed directly to you to get you in the zone before you arrive.

Total Value $5,450

Offer expires on Friday – 25th May 2018
OR for the first 20 People (whichever comes first)

When You Increase Your Education, You Supercharge Your Earning Potential

$230K Profit

I purchased a home in a trade for a $15,000 motorhome. It was something that worked for the owner and for myself. I did a quick cosmetic renovation costing about $25,000 and put it back on the market for a profit of $230,000. I’m currently in the middle of my second deal.



$160K From Two Deals

Using what I learned from Dominique, in our first deal we bought a property that was repossessed by the bank and made just over $100,000. In the second deal the owners received an eviction notice and we bought the property and made just over $60,000. These are fantastic results.


$90-140K projected profit

I’ve just done my second deal where we picked up a property in Queensland for $275,000 which was a mortgagee in possession. We did a renovation on it and once we sell that, we should get around $90,000 to $140,000 profit.


New South Wales

$55-85K projected profit

By doing Dominique’s course we managed to secure a property for $212,000. We are currently renovating it. We’re going to spend around $30,000 on it. Then we’ll re-market it for between $300,000 to $330,000. As a result of what we learnt in the course we’ve managed to avoid all holding costs and stamp duty which will leave us with a final profit of between $55,000 and $85,000.

Cathryn & Melanie

$60K Projected Profit

We’ve recently done a mortgagee deal from our first letter. We took over the loan at $230,000. We gave $20,000 to the home owner. We’re currently renovating the property and we project a $60,000 profit.

Dane and Christie,


$350K Projected Profit

In the last 12 months we’ve done two deals using Dom’s real estate rescue course with a projected profit of just over $350,000.

Laura & Joe

At Just $995, Your Investment More Than Pays For Itself

If enrolling in our Platinum Graduate Package allows you to do just one successful deal, your investment would have paid for itself many time over.

Remember, you get:
  • Bonus material and training sessions valued at $5,450
  • Mentorship from experts with hands-on in-the-field experience
  • Mastermind sessions with other Platinum Graduates
  • Networking opportunities to expand your contact list
  • And ultimately, the chance to significantly increase your earning potential

Don’t Miss This Chance To Level-Up Your Education and Earning Potential Now!

Offer expires on Friday – 25th May 2018 OR for the first 20 People (whichever comes first)
Advice Warning: All content and information provided in this webpage and at the event is general advice and for educational purposes only. None of the information contained within this webpage or at the event constitutes, or is intended to constitute, a recommendation by the presenter that any particular security, investment or strategy is suitable for any specific person. None of the information contained in the webpage is, or is intended to be, personalised investment advice. Investments or strategies mentioned in the webpage may not be suitable for all individuals. All readers of the webpage should make their own independent decision regarding them. The material contained in the webpage does not take into account each reader’s particular investment objectives, financial situation or needs. All readers should strongly consider seeking advice from their own personal investment adviser based on their specific circumstances. Past performance is not indicative of future results.
In the event of a student sharing their story, no remuneration was offered or paid to the student for sharing their story. The timeline and details of all student transactions have not been verified by Dominique Grubisa. If you wish to make a particular investment or follow a particular strategy then you should consult a financial adviser to fully understand the risks associated with that course of action in your particular circumstances.
DG Institute Pty Ltd may refuse registration or entry to any individual. This event is not suitable for young children or babies and entry may be refused.
Recording devices of any kind, animals and illegal substances are strictly prohibited. The event may not be recorded or photographs taken without the express permission of DG Institute Pty Ltd. In addition, no flyers, advertising or marketing collateral may be distributed at the event.
Your attendance shall constitute your acceptance that during the event, each speaker will be offering additional courses for purchase by participants. These courses will enable you to learn in greater detail how to put into practice the speaker’s strategies. These additional educational services will be offered for sale at the event. You are free to choose whether or not you want more information or wish to purchase the further services offered by the speaker.