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Brisbane - Thu 16 Aug 2018 |
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Parramatta - Sat 18 Aug 2018 |
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Glen Waverley - Sun 19 Aug 2018

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What Makes Property Developing The Best Strategy?

Real estate developing is one of the few areas a person can enter with little expertise and become wealthy in a relatively short amount of time.

  • You can manufacture equity independent to what’s happening in the market.
  • You can sell off part of your development to own your remaining property without debt.
  • You can boost rental yields to create more positive cashflow.
  • You can accumulate property faster and accelerate your portfolio growth.
  • You can use other people’s money to create wealth.
  • You can do it in your spare time.
  • You can choose from many different strategies to make money based on your situation.
  • Many on our nation’s rich list made their money through property development.
  • It’s no longer the domain of the rich – anyone can do it if you understand how.

Brisbane - Thu 16 Aug 2018 |
Sydney - Sat 18 Aug 2018 |
Parramatta - Sat 18 Aug 2018 |
Melbourne - Sun 19 Aug 2018 |
Glen Waverley - Sun 19 Aug 2018


# 1 – DA Uplift

Builders need ongoing projects to keep their workers employed and are on the constant lookout for ready to build sites to save time and holding costs.

This opens the door to acquiring property, obtaining development approvals and then on-selling it to builders for a tidy profit.

You can even acquire the property with minimal outlay using creative instruments such as options and leasing.

# 2 – Sub-Division

When you subdivide one property into many you can add significant value in the process.

You then have the option to hold the lots and wait for more uplift, build on the vacant lots and/or sell one of the properties to pay down your debt and increase your equity and rental yields.

This approach is simple and low risk when you understand the process and what to look out for.

# 3 – Residential Unit Development

Residential unit development has a potentially lower financial requirement compared to commercial, industrial or retail development.

Many residential unit developers sell some of their units after completion to pay down their debt, effectively allowing them to own the remaining units outright.

You can repeat this process to acquire several millions in property and hundreds of thousands in positive cashflow to effectively retire on.

Real-Life Small Developments Case Stories of our Students

Case Study - $500K Projected Profit from a DA Uplift

Strategy: DA Uplift
Location: Queensland
Purchase Price: $820K
Strategy: After acquiring this Queensland property, development approvals were obtained for a townhouse subdivision.
Result: The investors are now able to sell the property with DA’s for a projected profit of $500,000. If they build the townhouses themselves the projected profit is $2.5 million.

Case Study - $450K Profit from a Subdivision and Build

Strategy: Subdivide and build
Location: New South Wales
Purchase Price: $480K
Strategy: This New South Wales block was subdivided into two lots then had two homes built onto them.
Result: The owners were able to sell the newly titled homes for $750,000 each and make a tidy profit of $450,000.

Using what we learnt, we bought a block of land under market value in a high growth area and are looking to do a sub-division and two houses… We hired a builder to obtain the DAs and manage the project on our behalf. We’re half way through the development now with a projected profit of $400,000. We’re already looking for our next property.

Alanah and Rob, New South Wales

I did Dominique’s course in 2014. I now have 5 projects on the go totaling around $1.8 million. Some are with money partners, others I am doing myself… I think property development is the easiest investment to do. You just find the deal and get other people to do the work, then phone in once a week to get updates… we are looking at roughly $700,000 in returns.

Yanal, Victoria

Key Benefits of Property Developing

dollarBuy Wholesale

As a developer, you aim to complete your projects at 20% or more below market value.

dollarIncrease Tax Benefits

You can claim more depreciation and tax benefits from developing a new property.


Invest Effortlessly

 You only need to spend a few hours a week to manage your project.


Boost Rental Yields

 You can sell part of your project to pay down equity and increase your cash flow.

dollarMake Money

Developers can regularly make upwards of 6-figures from just one small development.

dollarObtain Easier Finance

You have many finance options available to you and can invest with or without the banks.

Brisbane - Thu 16 Aug 2018 |
Sydney - Sat 18 Aug 2018 |
Parramatta - Sat 18 Aug 2018 |
Melbourne - Sun 19 Aug 2018 |
Glen Waverley - Sun 19 Aug 2018


Who’s Presenting?

Lawyer and author. Dominique is renowned as one of Australia’s leading legal authorities on distressed property investing and asset protection and has bought, sold or held more than $50 million in property.

Dominique Grubisa BA (Hons) LLB, LLM

Lawyer and Property Entrepreneur

As a highly skilled debt and commercial law specialist and a property investor who has bought, sold or held more than $50 million in real estate, Dominique Grubisa is uniquely qualified to talk about financial success.

Having provided legal financial services to both ordinary Australians and high net worth investors over a legal career spanning more than 20 years, Dominique understands how the rich grow and protect their wealth.

Dominique is a University of Sydney graduate and holds a Bachelor of Arts (with honors), Bachelor of Law and a Master in Laws. She is legally qualified to practice law in all jurisdictions of Australia. She is also one of a small number of legal practitioners in Australia to have obtained a Master of Laws degree through a specialisation in debt law.

Dominique is known as the ‘go-to legal expert’ when it comes to buying distressed properties. After coming across the deal of a lifetime as a young investor, she set about creating a legal system for buying distressed properties from banks, liquidators and trustees, a system she modeled from America.

Brisbane - Thu 16 Aug 2018 |
Sydney - Sat 18 Aug 2018 |
Parramatta - Sat 18 Aug 2018 |
Melbourne - Sun 19 Aug 2018 |
Glen Waverley - Sun 19 Aug 2018


Property Development Is Not For The Unprepared

Property developing has the potential to accelerate your gains, but it can also accelerate your losses.

There are no guarantees of success in property developing and there are many risks to consider.

The good news is it really is possible to create wealth faster through property developing when you understand and educate yourself about the process.

The best place to start is to learn from and model those who have already done it before you.

The 8 Keys To Successful Developing & What You Will Learn


Finding Profitable Sites

How and where to find profitable development properties both ‘on’ and ‘off’ the market. Plus discover what to look for in a potential site and conduct your initial assessment.


Due Diligence and Analysis

How to determine a property’s financial viability, plan cost estimates and avoid hidden cost blowouts… dodge hidden surprises and maximize your profit.


Property Options and Finance

How to use options and leases to control property (and potentially save thousands in holding costs). Plus how to overcome financial barriers and what to put into the sale contract.


Permits and Approvals

How to avoid costly delays and get your permits and approvals processed faster. Which experts to use and the different types of reports you need to consider.


Sales and Marketing

Who to use to market and sell your development before and after completion. Plus what to include in your marketing contracts and strategies to move your properties faster.


Constructing Your Project

Discover the common mistakes and pitfalls to be wary of and how to navigate around them. Avoid delays and get your projects finished on time and on budget with minimal effort and stress.


Your Development Team

Discover whose advice to seek, who you should hire into your team and how to manage them for the best results… leverage the right professionals and watch your profits soar.


Cashing In

Should you sell or hold your properties after completion? Hear the different exit strategies that allow you to pay down debt, increase rental yields and build a portfolio which can help you retire sooner.

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This event is for you if…

  • You are interested in getting started in property developing but don’t know where to start.
  • You own a property portfolio and want to create more growth, equity and positive cashflow to retire on.
  • You have a property you want to sub-divide or acquire development approvals for to uplift equity.
  • You’ve hit a roadblock with finance.
  • You already develop property and want to take your results to a higher-level.
  • If you answered yes, then we encourage you to act now and reserve your spot to avoid disappointment.

WARNING! My events regularly sell out and we often have to disappoint people and turn them away. This event will be no different!

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