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How ‘Small-Scale’ Property Investors Are Making $100,000 (Or More) From Lower-Risk, Residential Developments

Free Event: Discover The 3 Strategies You Could Use To Start Generating Wealth From ‘Single-Property’ Developments In 2018

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Brisbane - Fri 27th July | Sydney - Sat 28th July | Melbourne - Sun 29th July
Registration 8:30am | Start 9:00am to 5:00pm

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The Benefits Of Property Development Are Obvious

You can make a lot of money fast. You can enjoy a lifestyle that many people can only imagine... and you can leave a legacy behind for your loved ones.

But if you've never done a property development before, the whole process can seem risky and complicated.

Because of this, many people shy away from it because it sounds too hard.

And, yes, large-scale commercial, industrial and residential developments are tough. You often need a lot of money, experience and connections to make them work.

But There Are Also Lower-Risk, Small Development Strategies You Can Use If You Don’t Have Millions In The Bank

These strategies often involve one property, so you don't need as much money. And they are lower risk than multi-million projects.

While they won't make you a billionaire... they are a great way to make a 6-figure profit for 'mum and dad' investors.

Even better…

  • These strategies can work in almost any market. They allow you to create your own mini-boom.
  • You can use other people’s money to fund them and secure your nest egg for retirement.
  • And investors across Australia are using them right now to add $100k to $200k or more to their income.

At the Property Development Summit, you will discover three of these strategies... and how to use them to start replacing your income.

Tickets are in short supply, so secure yours today before you miss out.

Learn From Key Influencers In
Australian Property Development

Shaynna Blaze

Shaynna Blaze is an award-winning Australian interior designer, TV personality, writer and former singer. For more than twenty years, she has created stunning interiors in residential homes and commercial spaces.

Shaynna is best known as a judge on The Block and as a co-host on Selling Houses Australia. In addition, she has also appeared as a design expert on shows like The Morning Show, The Circle, Today Tonight, A Current Affair and The Renovators.

Dominique Grubisa

Dominique is a solicitor, property educator and property developer who has bought, sold or held more than $50 million in real estate, and is uniquely qualified to talk about property success. In addition, Dominique is a celebrated author of three wealth creation books and a licensed real estate agent with a unique insight into the property industry. As well, she is an ASIC Licensed Credit Holder, qualifying her to work with financial institutions on debt recovery.

Tim Lawless

Tim Lawless is CoreLogic’s Director of Research, specialising in real estate markets and demographic trends within Australia. Today, Tim is well recognised throughout Australia as a leading real estate market analyst and commentator.

What Are These 3 Strategies To Profit
From Small Residential Developments?

Strategy #1 : $100,000 Value Uplift Without Lifting A Brick

One common misconception is that to make money from property development you need to build. But that’s not true.

In fact, a subdivision is one of the most effective small development strategies... and you don’t even need to wear a hard hat.

For instance, take this property in Stafford, Queensland.

When property investor Tim first saw this home listed as a deceased estate, he knew he had hit the jackpot.

The property was on the market for $500k. At the time, anything with 5 in front of the price was a bargain in that area.

Tim and his partner snapped up the property. They then split the title, so they could sell the vacant land to a builder who was eager to develop in the area.

That was a $100,000 potential profit without lifting a brick.

You see, when you subdivide one property into many, you can add significant value to the process.

You can hold the lots and wait for more uplift. You can build on the vacant lots, or sell one of the properties to pay down your debt. This approach is simple and low risk when you understand the process and what to look out for.

Strategy #2 : $500K Profit With This Lower-Risk Strategy

Builders need ongoing projects to keep their workers employed. That's why they are on the constant lookout for ready-to-build sites in order to save time and holding costs.

This situation opens the door to acquiring property, obtaining development approval... and then selling it to builders.

If you know what to look for, this strategy is lower risk and can make you a tidy profit.

For example, the Queensland property pictured above was purchased for $820K.

After acquiring development approval, the investors can now sell the property with DA’s for a projected profit of $500,000. If they build the townhouses themselves, the projected profit is $2.5 million.

Strategy #3 : $582,000 Profit Potential If You Want To Put In Extra Work

If you are willing to put in the extra work, then residential unit development is a fantastic way to grow your wealth.

While you won’t make millions from your first development, it’s still a fast and effective way to become financially independent.

For example, James, a small scale investor, purchased this property at The Entrance, NSW for $680,000. This price was the market value, so there was no discount.

James is knocking down the original house and plans to build townhouses. The potential profit on this deal is about $582,000.

Two successful developments would generate more than $1 million profit!

At the Property Development Summit, you will learn all about it but in more detail. So, secure your ticket now while you still can.

At the Property Development Summit, You’ll Also Discover:

  • How to make money from developments without laying a single brick. Nothing to do with approvals or zoning. A young investor is set to earn more than $100,000 thanks to this strategy.
  • The REAL 4-hour work week. How two new investors are set to pocket almost half a million dollars from their first development - while barely lifting a finger.
  • How to secure undervalued development land in high-growth areas. What to look for. How to approach the owner. How to seal the deal.
  • How to find partners who’ll finance the land purchase and development costs. A Queensland developer is set to make more than $500,000 using other people’s money.
  • How to force growth so that you don’t have to wait for the market. An evergreen strategy to make money no matter what the property market is doing.
  • How to protect your assets when you make your first million. You might laugh at the idea now, but it ONLY takes two successful developments to become a millionaire.
  • Three words that can save you thousands on your next development. Pick up great property at below market value
  • How Australia’s richest investors create eye-opening capital gains with subdivisions, planning permits, development approvals and zoning changes. Best part: You don’t need to be rich (or connected) to do this.
  • How to choose an expert team to do all the hard work for you. Lessons learnt from $50 million worth of property investing.

Plus, much more.

Boom time property investing can make about 12% profit annually. Everyone falls over themselves with excitement. But this process can potentially give you 20-30% without the fear of a bubble bursting.

Even better, you don't have to deal with tenants and you can manage the development from your home, in your spare time.

If you seek financial freedom, or you want to replace your income with income generated from property, then grab your FREE tickets for this event now.

Investors Just Like You Are Using These Strategies To Succeed

Using what we learnt, we bought a block of land under market value in a high growth area, and are looking to do a sub-division and two houses… We hired a builder to obtain the DA's and manage the project on our behalf. We’re half way through the development now with a projected profit of $400,000. We’re already looking for our next property.

Alanah and Rob, New South Wales

I did Dominique’s course in 2014. I now have 5 projects on the go totaling around $1.8 million. Some are with money partners, others I am doing myself… I think property development is the easiest investment to do. You just find the deal and get other people to do the work, then phone in once a week to get updates… we are looking at roughly $700,000 in returns.

Yanal, Victoria

Who Should Attend The
Property Development Workshop?

  • If you want to make money from property no matter what stage the market is at, then don’t miss this event
  • If you want to earn big profits from small developments, then this event is for you.
  • If you want to secure your financial future and retire wealthier than you are now, reserve your seat.
  • If you want to generate wealth using other people’s money, then this event will be eye-opening for you.
  • If you want to own property debt-free to gift your children a head-start in life, you’ll discover how to at this event.
  • If you want a simple, safe, and proven system to build wealth, then this event will change your life.

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