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Property Development Program

Unlock The Secret of Accelerating Wealth & Cashflow Through
Low Risk Small Property Developments


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What is included in the Property Development Program


1-Day Livestream Event (Value $1,000)

Saturday 9th October 2021

Build on your knowledge in a one-stop-shop interactive live virtual learning event. Dominique will personally deliver 1 days of leading edge content, plus bring her whole team of development experts to you for a live virtual 1-day immersion process. It includes a comprehensive workbook, exercises, keynote talks from experts in their field.


Online Members Resource Portal (Value $10,000)

Access to our members-only resource portal, you will have everything you need to succeed:

  • Workshop videos
  • Course manual and resources
  • Templates and forms
  • Members-only deal hub

Accelerator Home Study Course (Value $10,000)

6 months’ access to complete our comprehensive online material, designed to give you the fundamental knowledge you need and to push you to implement the learnings for maximum impact, supported by our experienced tutors.


RP Data Professional Subscription by Corelogic (Value $2,400)

6 months’ access to our custom built online platform for sourcing sites and cutting edge due diligence.


Resitrends Report (Valued at $495)

Data on key market fundamentals to help you understand suburb performance across a range of different indicators such as median value, value growth and rental performance.


Access to APRAO Feasibility Software (Valued at $1,400)

Up to 6 months’ access to the state-of-the-art platform for fool-proof due diligence, as well as creating professional feasibilities and business plans. The APRAO features include; automated cashflow, sensitivity analysis, residual values, financials appraisals and generates lender approved reports to ensure you never overpay for a site again.


Complete Access to Legal Repository (Value $5,000)

6 months’ access to all the documentation and knowledge you need to structure any deal to you advantage. Giving you the power to do a multi-million-dollar deal with no money down and the deck of cards stacked in your favour.


Legal and Technical Support (Value $7,000)

6 months’ Legal and technical email support for your development deals – from sourcing sites to subdivision and sale, our team of experts are there for you to leverage off so that you can stand on the shoulders of giants even if you are just starting out.


Access to Finance (Value $2,000)

Exclusive access to our finance department DGI Finance for bespoke assistance with all your funding applications including introductions to private lenders.


Monthly Live Sessions with Dominique (Value $1,000)

Life time access to our monthly webinars for property entrepreneurs for ongoing learning, networking and keeping your knowledge and hands-on experience at the cutting edge.

That is almost $40,295 worth of value

Individual Offer

One Full Payment of $2,495


4 Monthly Payments of $750

(Total – $3,000)
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What Makes Property Developing The Best Strategy?

Real estate developing is one of the few areas a person can enter with little expertise and become wealthy in a relatively short amount of time.
  • You can manufacture equity independent to what’s happening in the market.
  • You can sell off part of your development to own your remaining property without debt.
  • You can boost rental yields to create more positive cashflow.
  • You can accumulate property faster and accelerate your portfolio growth.
  • You can use other people’s money to create wealth.
  • You can do it in your spare time.
  • You can choose from many different strategies to make money based on your situation.
  • Many on our nation’s rich list made their money through property development.
  • It’s no longer the domain of the rich – anyone can do it if you understand how.

# 1 – DA Uplift

Builders need ongoing projects to keep their workers employed and are on the constant lookout for ready to build sites to save time and holding costs. This opens the door to acquiring property, obtaining development approvals and then on-selling it to builders for a tidy profit. You can even acquire the property with minimal outlay using creative instruments such as options and leasing.

# 2 – Sub-Division

When you subdivide one property into many you can add significant value in the process. You then have the option to hold the lots and wait for more uplift, build on the vacant lots and/or sell one of the properties to pay down your debt and increase your equity and rental yields. This approach is simple and low risk when you understand the process and what to look out for.

# 3 – Residential Unit Development

Residential unit development has a potentially lower financial requirement compared to commercial, industrial or retail development. Many residential unit developers sell some of their units after completion to pay down their debt, effectively allowing them to own the remaining units outright. You can repeat this process to acquire several millions in property and hundreds of thousands in positive cashflow to effectively retire on.

Key Benefits of Property Developing

Buy Wholesale

As a developer, you aim to complete your projects at 20% or more below market value.

Boost Rental Yields

You can sell part of your project to pay down equity and increase your cash flow.

Increase Tax Benefits

You can claim more depreciation and tax benefits from developing a new property.

Make Money

Developers can regularly make upwards of 6-figures from just one small development.

Invest Effortlessly

You only need to spend a few hours a week to manage your project.

Obtain Easier Finance

You have many finance options available to you and can invest with or without the banks.

Real-Life Small Developments Case Stories of our Students

Case Study – $170K projected profit from Subdivide, renovate, build and sell

Location: NSW

Purchase Price: $286K

Strategy: DGI Graduate bought derelict hail damaged house with asbestos on sub-divisible block. To subdivide, the DA requirement for Dual Occupancy was to build on the subdivided block – i.e. she could not subdivide the block to sell as vacant land.

Result: She renovated the derelict house and moved into it so she is close to project of building on the back block. She will sell reno’d house for $400K and build the other one for $450K. Based on comparable sales in the area, she would be expecting to make a projected profit of $170K.

Case Study – $333K Profit from Subdivide, renovate, build and sell

Location: Queensland

Purchase Price: $760K

Strategy: House is pre-war so cannot be moved. Owners are converting the house into 2 townhouses and building 3 more townhouses on the back of the block. They have a DA and are doing the whole development.

Result: Based on comparable sales in the area, the owners would be expecting to make a profit of $333,302.

Case Study – $1.2 Million Profit from Subdivide and sell

Location – South Australia

Purchase Price: $1.46 Million

Strategy: The vendor bought elsewhere so an agent brought this deal to DGI Graduate Julie. She bought it $140K under market value(discount) by Joint venturing with DGI Graduate Phil. Originally 35 blocks were approved but Julie worked around the plan with the town planner to move a road to allow 36 blocks.

Result: Julie plans to subdivide the whole lot and sell off as newly created vacant blocks of land. This is Julie’s first deal and based on comparable sales in the area, she would be expecting to make a projected profit of over a million.

Case Study – $447K Profit from Subdivide and build

Location: South Australia

Purchase Price: $756K

Strategy: Strategy is to subdivide and build 5 Torrens title townhouses, 4 with single garage and 1 with double garage.

Result: Selling price for each of 5 units will be $540K-$560K and the double probably $580K. One presale sold for $555K.

Individual Offer

One Full Payment of $2,495


4 Monthly Payments of $750

(Total – $3,000)
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Individual Offer

One Full Payment of $2,495


4 Monthly Payments of $750

(Total – $3,000)
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