Sandi Clifford – Reservoir, VIC

Property Development Graduate


Sandra’s strategy for this particular deal will be to a develop 2-4 small townhouses selling some and holding some where possible.

There will be a 12 month settlement, during which time she will be undertaking planning permit application. Her aim then is to demolish and build 3 townhouses as soon as possible thereafter.

The Numbers

These cost include estimated cost of development and estimated profits.

Expenses Cost
Buy (Money partner) $500,000
Deposit $73,700
Self funded $73,700
Stamp duty $42,000
Demolition $20,000
Build & fitout $792,000
Architect to working drawings $14,500
Interior designer $6,000
Consultants/engineers/surveyours & others $26,460
Landscaping $30,000
Council rates $2,800
Legal fees $8,000
Selling agent $31,567
Marketing $39,459
Contingency = 10% $79,200
Profit to money partners $29,062
Total cost $1,268,448
Sale price $1,880,000
Profit $611,551

Sandra Top 3 Learnings from the property development deal:

  • To get out of my own head
  • To talk through options and solutions with coach, family, friends, colleagues & facebook group
  • The more I think about “what have I done?”, the less actually happens. Not to be over-confident – it makes me do impetuous things like buying at auction without having done sufficient due diligence, leading to the anxiety of “what have I done?”. Never let a day slip by without doing something to advance my progress as a property developer.

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