Top 5 New Home Builders in Queensland

Dominique Grubisa
Dominique Grubisa

Published 12:37 am 7 Mar 2021

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Building your own home should be a joyful experience. But there are so many decisions to make and potential pitfalls to fall into that the stress levels can skyrocket before you even start. Choosing the right builder for your vision is probably the most important part of the process; getting this right could end up being the difference between a dream build or a rocky one.

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To help those in Queensland find the right builder to help create their dream home, we’ve provided a snapshot of the state’s top five new home builders for 2019/20 as judged by the Housing Industry Association in its latest HIA-Colourbond Steel Housing 100 report.

New Home Builders in Queensland, here’s the Top 5 to Consider

When it comes to new home builders in NSW we’ve summed up 5 to help you with your next build.

1. Hutchies

Hutchinson Builders (Hutchies) is Australia’s largest privately owned construction company. Since 1912 and across five generations, it has placed family values at the core of every structure, every team, and every task it’s been involved in, providing a rich history and building a bright future.

The group operates right across the country, and delivers homes for clients in all markets, on any scale and in every location. It has a team of 1500, a strong balance sheet and a cash position that provides customers with the confidence that it will be around for the long haul no matter what the climate.

Hutchies is a diverse organisation, and the following divisions all operate under the banner of J Hutchinson Pty Ltd:

  • Hutchinson Builders, specialising in construction;
  • Hutchies Civil, specialising in urban infrastructure;
  • Hutchies Cranes & Hoists, servicing its wholly owned 32 cranes and 37 hoists;
  • Hutchies Modular, delivering 60,000 square-metres of prefabricated solutions each year; Hutchies Plant & Scaffold, servicing their 175,000 square-metres of scaffold; and
  • Hutchies Training, supporting their 120 apprentices and cadets in partnership with its Statim Yaga Indigenous employment initiative.

In Queensland, Hutchies commenced 2359 new buildings in the 2019/20 financial year, of which 2089 were units and 270 semi-detached.

2. Coral Homes

Coral Homes has been building quality new homes for more than 30 years and has an unwavering focus on providing excellent customer service while making the building experience enjoyable and rewarding. The company builds in a number of locations on Australia’s east coast, from Bundaberg in Queensland down to Sydney in NSW and offers a range of single and two-storey designer homes to choose from.

Coral Homes has a number of display centres where customers can browse and explore the designs on offer, which cater to many different lot sizes. The company makes finding a new home easier by partnering with some of Australia’s leading land developers to create a large selection of packaged home-and-land solutions that offer a number of inclusions. It can also assist with creating a customised house and land package that suits individual requirements.

Coral Homes also offers a fixed price guarantee to help provide financial certainty. Before any construction takes place, the organisation will specify a fixed price for both the building and site works. This reassures the client that there will be no hidden extra costs.

During the 2019/20 financial year, Coral Homes commenced 671 new buildings in Queensland, all of which were houses.

3. Multiplex

Multiplex is a diversified construction business operating in Australia and overseas. It has significant residential experience that ranges from low and medium-rise mixed-use developments to inner city high-rise apartment towers. Multiplex’s strong track record includes a reputation for quality, innovation and successful delivery of its projects. Along with its extensive residential portfolio, its projects include large office, retail, large-scale health and entertainment/hotel precincts and specialist design and construct projects.

The company was established in 1962 and since that time has successfully delivered more than 1000 projects, both at home and around the world. It is known for its collaborative and flexible working culture that focuses on meeting its clients’ goals. Multiplex’s own goal for every project is to not only deliver on time and on budget, but to outperform and exceed its clients’ expectations. It adds genuine value by leveraging its experience with that of its network. Each project has a dedicated team leader that guides the progress of the build.

Many of Multiplex’s employees have been with the company for decades, and clients benefit from this in-depth experience and expertise. The company is proud of its business and the rewarding partnerships it has with its clients and communities.

Multiplex commenced building 650 new units in Queensland over the 2019/20 financial year.

4. Metricon Homes

Established in 1976, Metricon Home’s original goal remains the same: to create innovative designs and build quality homes that suit all budgets. Its founders’ key focus is to create homes where people love to live, and since its inception it has helped thousands of Australians to achieve this dream. The company’s unwavering commitment to quality and excellence in home design has helped it become one of Australia’s market leaders in new home design and construction.

Metricon Homes has a large display network and offices throughout Queensland, as well as NSW, Victoria and South Australia, which provides plenty of opportunity to see its home designs and interior styles. It is constantly innovating – a practice that has evolved over time thanks to its focus on research and development. This passion for innovation is at the heart of the business and its contemporary home designs are continually evolving to meet Australia’s changing lifestyle demands.

The company’s design philosophy encompasses excellence and beauty, a valuable sense of space and openness in its homes, which are designed to fulfil the great Australian dream of owning a home and creating one that reflects a chosen lifestyle.

In Queensland during 2019/21, Metricon Homes commenced 604 new homes in 2019/20.

5. Henley Properties T/A Plantation Homes

The Henley Properties Group was established in 1989 and operates in Queensland, as well as in Victoria, NSW and South Australia. In Queensland, it trades as Plantation Homes and is continually investing in service, sustainability, design innovation, philanthropy, and its commitment to its people. The organisation’s whole business is focused on delivering industry best practice to both customers and communities.

Henley Properties aims to build homes that Queenslanders love to come home to every day: from first-home buyers, to upgraders, investors and everyone in between. It also offers complete transparency from what customers see on display to what they’re told in appointments. Henley Properties carries this transparency across its procedures and timeframes to its pricing, inclusions, upgrades and warranties. Its team of professionals also offer unrivalled knowledge that is mirrored by the company’s 50-year structural guarantee.

The company is known for its exceptional customer service, which has been recognised with a number of awards, and more than 90 per cent of its customers say they would recommend Henley Properties to others. It is determined to continue offering a timely and efficient building process without compromising on its superior quality and craftmanship.

In Queensland, Henley Properties started 521 new properties of which 517 were houses and four were semi-detached.

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