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Emergency Briefing – Quarantine Your Business & Personal Wealth From The Economic Fallout Of The Melbourne Stage 4 Lockdown

Discover How To Safeguard Your Cash Flow, Secure Your Home & Protect Your Assets From Creditors, Lawyers And The Government – As Melbourne Falls Silent


Briefing starts at 07:00 PM on Wednesday, 12th August 2020

  • How to stop creditors, lawyers and the government from taking everything you’ve worked hard – even if you fall on hard times during this shutdown.
  • How to minimise your financial risks in these uncertain times by restructuring your assets into legal entities you control.
  • How to take control of your cash flow, so you can support yourself and your family in the hard times ahead.

    And, much more.

Briefing starts at 07:00 PM on Wednesday, 12th August 2020

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What to Expect

The Stage 4 lockdown in Melbourne is now in full effect and will have potentially devastating consequences for the financial security of millions of people:

  • Businesses that were on the brink because of the previous lockdown are all but doomed, according to the Victorian Chamber of Commerce.
  • Households that are already struggling to make mortgage repayments and pay bills face an uncertain future as unemployment rises beyond 7.4% and thousands of more jobs are lost.
  • Real estate prices in Melbourne are expected to fall by as much as 20% according to AMP Capital – erasing equity from people’s homes and investment properties.
  • And NAB economists have predicted that even when the city reopens, residents will have to deal with a recession that makes the 80’s and 90’s look like child’s play.

Make no mistake, this lockdown has triggered an economic crisis on an apocalyptic scale – far beyond anything we’ve ever seen before – and many people will lose everything in the months ahead.

But even if the worst happens, you can still protect your home, your wealth and your assets from creditors, lawyers and the government.

In this emergency live stream, you will discover how…