How to buy under market distressed property in Australia for 10-40% below market value

Dominique Grubisa Dominique Grubisa

Did you know that you can buy under market, distressed property in Australia for 10 to 40 percent below market value, and not be a vulture or take advantage of anybody? DG Institute Founder and CEO, Dominique Grubisa explains how you can buy a distressed property in Australia, how you’re actually helping people by doing that, how you’re adding value and providing much-needed relief for people who are in distress, and what is exactly the right way to go about doing that.

I often get asked, if people are vultures or if they’re doing something bad or taking advantage of people when they’re buying under market or distressed property.

We have been training people since 2011 to buy under market distressed property here at the DG Institute. I personally have been doing it for years, and I now share that knowledge with others, and we have empowered thousands of people Australia-wide with this strategy.

This strategy is actually providing a much-needed fit in the economy, because people in distress – and I can say this personally having been in distress myself and have nowhere to turn – you’re stuck between the devil and the deep blue sea, and what’s worse, you’re really, really stressed and you’re not thinking straight. You’ve got that fight or flight reaction happening, and when you’ve got that adrenaline rushing, you can’t be logical, so, by empowering others to help those in distress it’s actually informing them of their rights, assisting them to get out of a bad situation, and putting money in their pocket.

What’s important, is that you understand the laws and how it’s done, you understand what is a win-win situation for you and a distressed homeowner, and finally, that you understand how to treat people with dignity, respect and to act ethically at all times. If you do these things, then you are providing a win-win for someone in a really, really bad place. The worst thing for that person is that there’s nowhere to turn to for help.

I have personally been in that situation; Lawyers won’t talk to you because you don’t have the money to pay for their services and if you do, they just tell you, ‘oh, you’re a hopeless case, go bankrupt.’ The banks are used to seeing people in this situation. They ride roughshod over you, and you’re just stuck between the devil and the deep blue sea.

There is nothing that can be done, and that’s why I created our Real Estate Rescue process, because I knew that there were solutions, I knew that the system wasn’t providing them, and I knew that an army of people were needed on the ground to facilitate at the coalface solutions for those who were painted into a corner, and that’s what we do in our Real Estate Rescue program.

Distress isn’t just mortgagee banks repossessing properties, there are a lot of other forms of distress:


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1) Company liquidations that are winding up bankruptcies


2) Personal debt

Where people are having to either voluntarily fall on their own sword over debt or some other creditor, someone they owe money to, is bankrupting them.

3) Sheriff sales

Where the sheriff repossesses and sells properties and personal goods, plant and equipment, over debt.

4) Divorces


5) Deceased Estates

Where there are probate, people are stuck, and there are family and relatives wanting a quick and easy sale,

6) Houses that have had goods and things hoarded in them for years

Understanding the needs of the individuals in all different elements of distress, and how you can legally and ethically provide a solution is really valuable and is adding and filling a need in the market there, that’s what we empower people to do.

Are there risks in associating yourself with distressed homeowners? Not if you are doing it legally, not if you’re acting fairly and equitably in all the circumstances. That’s the only way to do it, and that’s what we empower our students to do.


If you’re looking for finance or you’re having a hard time, or you just want to explore other opportunities, join Dominique Grubisa for this upcoming webinar and learn how you can find an undervalued property that you can potentially purchase 10% – 40% below market value from motivated vendors.


Lawyer, Asset Protection Specialist and Property Educator

Dominique Grubisa is a practicing legal practitioner with over 22 years of legal and commercial experience. She is a property investor and developer, an entrepreneur with businesses in Australia and Southeast Asia, a speaker, educator, writer and published author. You may contact Dominique at

This column has been written for general information purposes only. It is not intended as legal, financial or investment advice and should not be construed or relied on as such.

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