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Lock Away Your Home, Investments & Business from harm while positioning you for the amazing capital growth and cashflow opportunities ahead


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Be sure to lock in your viewing time! What you’ll learn...

  • How to instantly quarantine and protect your family home, assets and superannuation
  • How to get your finances back on track and under control
  • How to properly restructure your assets into legal entities that you can control
  • Quick and easy steps to avoid unnecessary, and huge financial risk when investing
  • The critical importance of having an experienced legal team by your side
  • And much more…
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Who Is Dominque Grubisa?

Dominque Grubisa is a lawyer, solicitor and barrister specializing in debt and financial law and licensed to practice in all states of Australia.

As a lawyer, she champions the financial rights of investors and business owners drowning in debt and helps clients ranging from ordinary mums and dads to high flying conglomerates throughout Australia in relation to debt recovery, asset protection and estate planning.

As an investor, Dominique pioneered distressed real estate investing in Australia and has bought, sold or held more than $50 million in property. Her system has helped countless investors allows investors enjoy instant equity in property while at the same time, helping distressed home owners escape the costly repossession process.

Dominique also holds an Australian credit license No: 400712, working with banks and financial institutions to recover debt and manage their financial affairs.

Dominique’s legal expertise has resulted in her appearing as a debt expert on A Current Affair, Today Tonight, The Circle and throughout other media outlets.


100% FREE - Next class is starting today!

Dominique in News

Dominique In News

Safeguard Your Wealth While You Profit Safely

Stop Creditors, The Government And Lawyers From Touching Your Most Important Assets.

Your Family Home

Quarantine your home from banks, creditors and litigators, even if you owe money.

Your Business

Grow your business while protecting your profits and income.

Your Bank Account

Bulletproof your bank accounts while increasing your wealth.

Your Property Portfolio

Safeguard your rental income and properties while expanding your portfolio.

Your Income

Shield your wages from garnishees and instalment orders.

Your Superannuation

Safeguard your retirement nest egg from meltdowns and nationalization.

What Other People Say

"Bankruptcy is over!"

“We would like to thank you and your wonderful team for continually supporting us and never giving up. You always made yourselves available, your communication and correspondence was prompt and outstanding. You were incredibly thorough in your investigations, always thought outside the square, and remained totally positive and optimistic, as well as honest. We felt that you always had our backs. We can not thank you and your team enough for your support. If you ever wanted to share our story or needed a testimonial etc, we would be very happy to do so.”

Liz Chapman

Sydney, New South Wales

"Relieved to know I am protected"

"Thank you for your attention and support. I hope to be able to send some more people your way. I am relieved to know that I am protected. Thank you again so much, and you can put me down as one very happy customer that will spread the word."

Debbie Gibson

Townsville, Queensland

100% FREE - Next class is starting today!