VIRTUAL WORKSHOP 2021 live live

Accelerate Your Property Development Results by Attending the 1-Day Intensive Property Development Program Event Live-Streamed Directly to Your Home

12TH JUNE 2021, 8:00 AM TO 5:00 PM

What to Expect

We are looking forward to delivering a powerful event. The Property Development Live event will be livestreamed for the first time, and we are taking things to the next level by delivering exceptional value and creating a highly interactive and engaging event.

It’s going to be a jam-packed day full of learning, interactive sessions, networking and inspirational talks. We are looking forward to connecting with you through Zoom and seeing all your beautiful faces.

The Property Development Program Live event will be pivotal in driving results to many of our Property Development students with Dominique and the expert team taking you step by step through the process, focusing on everything needed to accelerate your Property Development journey.

The event includes everything from how to find deals in this market using the cutting-edge research tools, real case studies, exercises and most importantly, how to accelerate your wealth and cashflow through low-risk small property developments using the Property Development system – the very system that will transform the lives of our Property Development students.

Event Schedule

Listed below is a high level outline of the event schedule. Please note this may be subject to change based on the needs of the audience.

SAT, 12 JUNE 2021
8AM – 5PM

Breaking the Mindset Barrier, Finding Your Development Site, Mitigating the Risks, Securing the Site, Financing and Structuring the Deal, Feasibilities, Negotiations, Building Your Team

How to best prepare

Please follow these steps to get you ready for the exciting two-day Property Uplift Live Event:

Getting Started!

  • Download the Zoom application on your computer and handheld device (best to have on both as a precaution). Just “google” Zoom and select the option “Download Zoom” option and install. It should take less than 5 minutes.
  • Once the application is downloaded – create your Zoom account. If you can make sure you put in your full name so we can see who you are when you log into the Livestream.

Prior to the Event (30 mins prior):

  • Have your “learning space” setup. Make sure you are comfortable and you have removed background distractions and noise as you will be beamed in using your computers, hand held device or camera and microphone.
  • Connect to the livestream 30 minutes prior to the event starting – that way you can work through any last minute issues so we are all ready to start the event on time.
  • Ensure that you have your camera and microphone on and working so we can see you and you can see us and your peers – being part of a broader community is a key to all of our success.

How to interact with the participants!

To get the most out of the event and interact with each other, there are a few options on how to use, connect and communicate in Zoom – we have included a short video to guide you, it will cover the following:

  • The various views and how you can change them
  • The participants panel and the interactions within
  • The chat panel and how to chat
  • The reactions button and how to use it
  • An explanation of the breakout rooms

We have two short videos to walk you through downloading Zoom and navigating its features.

How to Download Zoom

How to Use Zoom

Zoom Fatigue

To combat zoom fatigue, here are few tips to help you stay engaged:

  • Take frequent breaks – Stretch, walk around the house and do practise breathing exercises.
  • Take a few moments before clicking “Start” to settle and ground your attention – Take a few breaths, feel your body on the chair, notice whatever is present in your mind and allow yourself to arrive fully to the moment at hand.
  • Avoid multitasking – Whenever possible, minimize other tabs, your email program, and your chat platform so you won’t be tempted to do anything other than focus on the video call. While this may sound worse, it can actually help.
  • Stay hydrated – Keep a bottle of water close by.
  • Choose ‘speaker view’ – Focus on the person speaking rather than everyone else. The person who is speaking should have the focal attention whilst the others to be just peripheral.


Dominique Grubisa


Founder & CEO | DG Institute



Client Success Manager



Head of DGI Customer & Culture



Head of DGI Accounting



Head of DGI Lawyers



Head of DGI Finance


Wayne Eyre-

Head of DGI Debt Management


During the PDP Virtual Workshop, we will be using for polls, questions and general engagement. Click on this link to and keep open during the day.

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DG Institute Pty Ltd may refuse registration or entry to any individual. This event is not suitable for young children or babies and entry may be refused. Recording devices of any kind, animals and illegal substances are strictly prohibited. The event may not be recorded or photographs taken without the express permission of DG Institute Pty Ltd. In addition, no flyers, advertising or marketing collateral may be distributed at the event.

Your attendance shall constitute your acceptance that during the event, each speaker will be offering additional courses for purchase by participants. These courses will enable you to learn in greater detail how to put into practice the speaker’s strategies. These additional educational services will be offered for sale at the event. You are free to choose whether or not you want more information or wish to purchase the further services offered by the speaker.