Paul A & Gina A

Debt Management Client

The Overview

Our client had three credit card debts which are no longer being used 1 x ANZ, Aussie Now & Lombard with a combined total debt of $11, 803.86 to be disputed.

The Strategy


  • Obtaining debt waiver for the client as they were unable to meet payments. 
  • Achieve a 50% reduction on client debt with Lombard and the remaining 50% to be placed on an interest-free payment plan of $50/Month until the debt is paid off in its entirety.
  • Removal of default from the credit file.


  • Lombard initially refused to grant any debt waiver. However, multiple counters offer on several legal grounds (Doctrine of Unconscionable Conduct, etc., Banking Code of Practice and so on) were conducted.
  • Lombard agreed to waive off $1000 from the outstanding for NIL interest and monthly repayments of $180.00 for the life of debt.
  • We pursued the negotiation even further trusting that there could be an even favourable deal. Persistent negotiations (both via emails and calls) on the grounds of the Credit Reporting Code 2014, ASIC legislation revolving under reasonable hardship arrangements and so on, we secured a closing deal for the client with an outstanding outcome.

The Outcome & Results

Approximately 6 months on and off was required to achieve the below.

  • A Secured total debt waiver of $3000.00 on the outstanding debt amount with NIL interest and monthly repayments of $150.00 on the remaining balance, for the life of the debt.
  • Lombard reinstated the contract entered into between them to the extent, as mentioned above and released the client from all contractual liabilities.
  • We managed to get the default listed by Lombard removed from his credit file. 

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