Janelle G

Debt Management Client

The Overview

The client had a considerable debt with Wyndham Pty Ltd out of the total amount of finances in July 2017 totalling $63,151.57. She believed the finances involved was irresponsible lending. The client was undergoing financial constraints and was having trouble meeting continuing payments in relation to it.

The Strategy

It looks approximately 8 months for the below Strategy & objectives.


  • Assisting client out of contractual liability with zero payment and removal of the default from the credit file.
  • Find a website or contact details of brokers/businesses/companies, in Australia, that buy and sell second-hand timeshare packages most, especially those coming from Wyndham.


  • Denied the claims by Wyndham in its entirety and sought for removal of the default listed by them from her credit file on the grounds of breaches in terms of Responsible Lending measures and other breaches under ASIC, NCCP Act and so on.
  • Through assertive emails (legal arguments) back and forth, obtaining all documentation pertaining to this contract and examining them for substantial breaches against Responsible Lending, we negotiated the debt as per the objective.

The Outcome & Results

  • Legal analysis was provided from Wyndham and drafted a legal document for compliance breaches regarding responsible lending measures.
  • Negotiated compliance breaches with Wyndham via emails over the period of client’s engagement with DGI Debt Management.
  • Default listing by Wyndham was removed from client credit file.
  • The client was released from all contractual obligations and relieved of all continuing obligations under the FBW contract for payments to:
    • Wyndham Vacation Clubs South Pacific
    • Finance by Wyndham Pty Ltd
    • Wyndham Destinations Asia Pacific Pty Ltd

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