Hannah H

Debt Management Client

The Overview

Debt from a past business partnership where the business partner had disappeared and the trading had ceased for several years.

The Journey

I was introduced to DGI Debt Management after my father had success setting up his wills and other life admin pieces through another DGI program he raved about. He mentioned that they may be able to help my husband and me with a business loan debt that we had incurred after a business partner had deserted a small startup we had been working on. Two years ago we had received some advice from Commbank on how to reduce this debt and the high interest we were paying due to the type of account (the business was no longer trading, so we just wanted to pay it off and move on with our lives), but bad advice left us with further repayments and new accounts we weren’t able to pay each month.

When we got in contact with DGI Debt Management, the goal was to renegotiate a new sum for the now two overdraft accounts holding old debt, as well as freeze interest and set up a feasible payment plan. With Alana looking deeper into our situation and how they had handled our requests historically, she was able to do one better. This debt (greater than $45k) was renegotiated to being COMPLETELY CLEARED after her pushing for the review and filing complaints on the way it had been handled. It was something I know she worked hard to achieve, and I believe it was her creativity, knowledge of the nature of banking and persistence that directly led to this result.


The goal was to renegotiate a new sum, for now, two overdraft accounts holding old debt as well as freeze interest and set up a feasible payment plan.


A debt greater than $45,000 was renegotiated to being completely cleared.

The Experience

Alana was incredible. She communicated regularly with updates and got creative to ensure we got a positive result despite many hurdles and setbacks created by CommBank. I believe our incredible outcome is a direct result of her efforts with this case.

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