Duane T

Debt Management Client

The Overview

I was over-committed with personal loans and credit cards with poor investment decision. Every month I would be cash advancing to make repayments for each loan. It got to a stage where there was no money to cash advance so repayments we’re getting later and later. I would be avoiding calls from creditors chasing me for payment. It was a vicious circle that didn’t seem to have an ending. I was even contemplating bankruptcy.

The Journey

I came across Dominique at a Harry Dent seminar. I loved her presentation on protecting assets. I immediately signed up to the Master Wealth Control program knowing that I was on a downhill financial spiral and quiet worried about potentially losing the family home.

This was my introduction to DG Institute. I discovered that DGI had other products, including DG Institute Debt Management. After making enquires, I felt this was a great fit, looking forward to DG helping shield off creditors and find a way out of my financial mess.


Two different loans were tackled

  • ANZ Personal Loan $21k
  • Mercantile Credit Card $14.5k

The strategy is to test PL CD obtained by the client, on his own, from ANZ for compliance breaches and start email war with insight Mercantile to manage debt and repair credit.


Negotiation & deals were made, that resulted in a repayment plan that fits well with the client. 70k in total (principle + future interest) was saved off the client original debt as well.

The Experience

I dealt with 3 different representatives during the 6 months, all were very helpful, especially Alana Jones, who closed all the deals.

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