Small Business Buyers Summit Livestream

How To Acquire Profitable Small Businesses
With No Money Down and Minimal Financial Risk

David Koch

David Koch

Dominique Grubisa

Dominique Grubisa

Peter Switzer

Peter Switzer

Presented by lawyer, author and award winning entrepreneur Dominique Grubisa with expert business and financial commentary from TV presenter, David Koch and economist Peter Switzer.
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Sat, 17th Apr 2021 9:00 am to 2:00 pm

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Would you like to know how to identify and take control of profitable small businesses with zero out of pocket costs?

  • Perhaps you’re an entrepreneur seeking new business opportunities to create wealth and income much faster.
  • Or maybe you’re an existing business owner who wants to expand and compound your profits through targeted acquisitions.

Either way, there’s never been a better time than right now.


The 5-million strong ‘Baby Boomer’ generation is retiring en masse – and many are looking for a way to exit their profitable businesses as quickly as possible and enjoy their long-awaited retirement.

The COVID crisis has pushed many established enterprises with strong fundamentals to the brink. These businesses are still viable. But they need ‘fresh blood and new ideas to get back on their feet and grow.

At the Small Business Buyers Summit, you will discover…

How to acquire these profitable businesses with no money down and minimal financial risk…

… so you can help the owners out of a tight spot, keep employees in their jobs and support the economy – while also creating new income streams for yourself.

This live stream online event will also feature TV presenter David ‘Kochie’ Koch and economist Peter Switzer who will share their insights on the opportunities ahead for small business owners and buyers.

As far as we know, there is nobody else teaching these strategies specifically for the Australian market… so if you want to create wealth from business much faster and with a lot less risk, secure your spot now.

Incredible Benefits of Buying A Small Business

Faster Profits

On average it takes 2 – 3 years for a business to be profitable. When you acquire an existing business, you can potentially start making a profit immediately.

Reduced Risk

As many as 1 in 3 new businesses fail within the first 3 years. Buying a business allows you to skip the risky and costly startup phase – so you can reduce your exposure.

Lower Costs

The most expensive part of building a business is the start-up phase because you have to invest in training staff, buying equipment and developing systems. By taking control of an existing business, you can avoid these costs.

Grow Quicker

When you acquire an existing business it will have a financial history. This will make it easier for you to plan ahead, secure loans and attract investors to scale the business to the next level

Our Expert Panel


David Koch

TV Presenter, Business And Financial Commentator

David ‘Kochie’ Koch is an Australian television presenter best known as a host of the Seven Network’s breakfast program, Sunrise.

He is one of Australia’s foremost business commentators and writes finance columns for New Idea, the Daily Telegraph and Herald Sun.

David has a strong interest in small business issues and was a director of the NSW Small Business Development Corporation for over six years being appointed to the board at its inception in 1996.



Lawyer, Author, Speaker & Award-Winning Entrepreneur

Dominique Grubisa is a lawyer with over 25 years of experience.

She is also an award-winning entrepreneur, author, educator and founder of the DG Institute, which provides education to thousands of Australians who want to grow and protect their wealth.

She has featured on ‘A Current Affair’, ‘Today Tonight’, ‘Channel 9’ and ‘Channel 10’.

Peter Switzer


Economist, Business And Financial Commentator

Peter Switzer is the founder of the Switzer Group and one of Australia’s leading business commentators.

He is also an award-winning broadcaster, twice runner-up for the Best Current Affairs Commentator award for radio, a regular weekly columnist for Yahoo, a contributor to The Australian newspaper, host of the TV shows Switzer and Grow Your Business and a regular or 2GB radio.

How This Process Works


Systematically identify businesses to acquire using exclusive Equifax data.


Reach out to business owners in the right way and structure fair ‘win-win’ deals.


Take over the business with little or no money down and minimal financial risk.

What You’ll Discover At This Live Event

The exciting time-sensitive business opportunities in today’s economy – and the key dangers to be aware of.
How to quickly acquire businesses without all the costs, risks and frustration of launching a new startup – even if you’ve never owned a business before.
How to systematically find potentially profitable acquisition opportunities before other entrepreneurs even know they exist.
5 different strategies to take control of a business with zero dollars out of your pockets – and financial safeguards in place.
How to fund all of your deals with none of your own money, so cash is never a problem for you again.
How to structure ‘ethical’ deals that work for you while also helping the business owners and employees. Know what to say and how to say it.
How to turn around a struggling business and make it profitable in as little as 6 months – even if there are cash flow problems right now.
Real case studies of entrepreneurs who are using these strategies right now to create wealth and freedom.
How to unlock hidden revenues in companies you decide to buy.
How to close the deal quickly without any fear, hesitation, or worry that you’re making a mistake.
How to use this strategy to expand an existing business faster, easier and with less risk by using this system.
The exit plan. How to sell a business for a large capital gain so you can create legacy wealth for yourself and your family.

Plus much more.

Real Life Success Stories

“I didn’t put a single dollar of cash into buying this business. How I structured was I used a combination of vendor and bank finance.”

Steve Gerken

(Owner & Managing director, Staged Homes Pty Ltd)

“Within a month we found our first business turnaround project. I can’t thank DGI and the team and the program and everything they offer enough!”

Lynda Lehmann

(Business Owner)

“Taking over an existing business, the clients are there, they just ring up, they send an email, they expect their orders to be delivered ..that’s instant cash flow and productivity.”

Ben Trotter

(Partner, ST Fabrication)

Who Is This Event For?

Limited Seats
  • If you’re an entrepreneur looking for a new opportunity to create wealth from business, then this event is for you.
  • If you’re an existing business owner looking to expand and scale your business to the next level, you need to attend this live stream.
  • If you want to generate consistent cash flow from business in months or even weeks rather than potentially waiting years, then this process can fast track your results.
  • If you want to minimise your financial risk because you have no skin in the game, then this strategy can help.
  • If you want to save time and effort building a customer base, training employees, developing a brand and more, then don’t miss out on this special live stream event.
  • If you want to grow and scale your finances at will without worrying about market trends or the economy.
  • If you genuinely want to help other business owners in trouble – and contribute to the economic rebound, then secure your spot now.

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Ticket Terms: The tickets are non-refundable and non-transferable. The Attendee Pack is only available to collect on the day of the event. You must therefore attend the event to receive your Attendees Pack as it contains a physical copy of the books and other materials. The reason for this is that the contents of the Attendees pack are ordered in bulk and delivered straight to the venue and given to you in person. This saves on handling and postage costs and therefore allows us to make the Attendees Pack so affordable.