Business Acquisitions
Elite Mentoring


This is an exclusive and intensive 12-months mentoring program for selected people who have a desire to accelerate their results and work closely with Dominique Grubisa, her “board of advisors” and coaches on how to acquire, turnaround and sell businesses for profit with no money down or minimal financial risk.




Dominque As Your Mentor (Value Priceless)


Acquisition ‘War Room’ Tactical Team (Valued At $10,000)

Direct input from me, our legal and accounting team to ensure your acquisition strategy is correct to take away the trial, error and guesswork collaborate to solve problems when in “deal zone.”


Due Diligence Analysis – Legals And Accounting (Valued At $10,000)

Direct input from me, our legal and accounting team to ensure correct due diligence is done to ensure that the numbers stack up for your acquisition.


Negotiation And Structuring – Legals And Accounting (Valued At $10,000)

Direct input from me, our legal and accounting team to ensure the correct structure is in place for your acquisition, and the right terms are negotiated.


Bespoke Marketing & Sales Plan (Valued At $7,500)

A bespoke strategic marketing and sales plan for your acquisition from our gun marketing and sales team including branding, paid traffic, social media and SEO to accelerate results from your new acquisition.


Debt Management Restructuring Package (Valued At $7,500)

A bespoke debt management restructuring plan for your acquisition to clean up business debt, maximise receivables, minimise payables and implement watertight terms of trade from our expert Debt Management team.


Monthly One-On-One Coaching (Valued At $12,000)

Your own dedicated Coach and Accountability Partner with monthly one-on-one calls to focus on goals and provide the X-factor on getting a successful deal as well as working in a carefully selected mastermind group of peers to brainstorm the best strategies, leadership, marketing, sales, legal and finance issues that apply to you and where you are at.


Monthly Inner Circle Live Mastermind And Mentoring Sessions (Valued At $12,000)

Monthly live advanced content-rich education sessions specifically for EM students that deep dive into all aspects of strategy, leadership, marketing, sales legal and finance for your business journey.


Quarterly 2-Day Livestream ‘Accelerator’ Workshops (Valued at $8,000)

Elite learning and networking livestream workshops every 90 days for 12 months with Dominique and her network of thought leaders. This includes content sessions, inspirational keynotes, student “real deal” breakdowns, Q & A sessions as well as integrated action oriented breakout rooms for strategic planning, refinement and accountability for your quarterly goals.


Digital Learning & Mentoring Platform (Valued At $3,000)

Advanced online digital learning platform on negotiation mastery, sales mastery, marketing mastery, learning mastery, finance mastery supported by a structured program, that is a personalised pathway to optimise results to get you the best possible outcome in your journey (Coach Accountable).


Quarterly Exclusive Networking Function (Valued at $2,000)

Live face to face exclusive social networking functions hosted quarterly in each state to connect with local Elite Mentoring students. Your network is your net-worth.

That Is $82,000 Worth Of Value

Exclusive Mentorship Program

Real Life Success Stories

“I didn’t put a single dollar of cash into buying this business. How I structured was I used a combination of vendor and bank finance.”
Steve Gerken
(Owner & Managing director, Staged Homes Pty Ltd)
“Within a month we found our first business turnaround project. I can’t thank DGI and the team and the program and everything they offer enough!”
Lynda Lehmann
(Business Owner)
“Taking over an existing business, the clients are there, they just ring up, they send an email, they expect their orders to be delivered ..that’s instant cash flow and productivity.”
Ben Trotter
(Partner, ST Fabrication)

What Makes Elite Mentoring So Incredible?

Hands On
Hands On

If you want to get direct, hands-on help in taking your business further faster, and to new heights beyond your current limitations so you can make more money and progress at a faster pace, then applying for our Elite Mentoring Program may be for you.


The Elite Mentoring Program is the most complete and powerful program we have ever offered, individually tailored to your level and appropriate for beginners, intermediate and advanced business entrepreneurs to push those wanting to reach the next level of growth and expansion of their business.


The Elite Mentoring Program offers an unmatched and cutting edge collection of mentoring, coaching, leads, success resources, training, networking and drivers all calibrated for fast optimal results.

Exclusive Mentorship Program