About DG Institute

Our mission is to empower every day Australians to grow and protect their wealth.
We do that by educating our clients on how to grow their wealth through property education. We also provide legal services to ensure people protect their assets effectively and do their succession planning. In addition, we assist clients with their finances and accounting to support their wealth journey.

Dominique Grubisa - DG Institute

About Dominique Grubisa


Dominique Grubisa is a practising legal practitioner with more than 22 years experience. She is one of Australia’s leading property educators, authors and speakers. She is also a property investor, developer and entrepreneur.

Dominique has built a business from start-up to turning over tens of millions of dollars. She writes and speaks on law, business, wealth and property. Her passion is making the legal system fairer and more accessible for everyone. She does this by empowering people by sharing knowledge.

Dominique knows how to build wealth and succeed in business and property. She educates, coaches and advises thousands of clients on how to grow and protect wealth

DG Institute Core Values

As we focus on profitable growth, it has become more important to be precise and define what core values will shape our culture, our brand, and our business strategies. These are the 4 core values that we will champion and live by;


Be accountable, proactive, be a problem solver

You embrace uncertainty and take responsibility to source the solution. Seek to Understand

Stay focused and committed

We set the highest standards and model excellence in everything we do. We understand that great work will require a quick start and then dedication to execute.

Customer First

Champion the Customer

The cornerstone of our success is the value that we deliver to our clients. We focus on experiences

Deliver Value for all experiences

The cornerstone of our success is the value that we deliver to our clients. We focus on experiences.


Embrace innovation, be creative and courageous

Challenge the status quo, think differently and constantly look at ways to innovate and improve, even if they are perceived as great. There is always greater.

Be adaptable, be flexible, embrace growth

Constant and never ending journey of improvement. Be open to feedback and a different way of thinking and acting. Encourage change for the good.

One Team

One Team, be respectful and transparent

You embrace uncertainty and take responsibility to source the solution. Seek to Understand

Stay focused and committed

As a team we have each other’s backs. To the outside world, we are a united front. We consider our peers before we take action.

Our Team

Alicia Houston Head of DGI Debt Management

Alicia Houston

Head of
DGI Debt Management

Don Brown Head of DGI Accounting

Don Brown

Head of
DGI Accounting

Martin Cork Head of Open Network Funding

Martin Cork

Head of
Open Network Funding

Peta Lazarides Elite Mentoring Head

Peta Lazarides

Elite Mentoring Head

Kath Morris Customer Services

Kath Morris

Customer Services

Jocelyn Tannous Head of Customer & Culture

Jocelyn Tannous

Head of
Customer & Culture

Our Programs

The DG Institute offers a range of courses and services that teach you how to invest in property and how to profit from property development. We also offer financial advice related to debt management, asset protection and wealth creation.

Asset protection service - Master wealth control

Asset Protection

Master Wealth Control package (MWC) is an asset protection trust consisting of a range of systems, strategies and services that will enable you to create the ultimate asset protection planning when it comes to securing your assets.

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Investment Property Course - Real estate rescue

Investment Property

The Real Estate Rescue program (RER) is a property investment course that teach you how to find and obtain instant equity homes that may otherwise take years to realise through any traditional buy and hold investment property strategy.

View Program

Property Development Program - Property Uplift program

Property Development

The Property Uplift Program (PUP) is a property development course that can help you unlock the secret to accelerate your wealth creation through low risk small property developments.

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Elite mentoring property investment and property development

Elite Mentoring Program

The Elite Mentoring Program (EMP) is a 12 months coaching course to help property & business entrepreneurs fast track their results in property investment , property development and business growth.

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Frequently Asked Questions

There are several places that you can find reviews of the DG Institute and our programs. We pride ourselves on delivering an excellent services and encourage all our students to give us honest feedback, so we can continue to improve.

The first place is on the review page of this website. This page has both written and video testimonials from students who have used our courses.

You can also see reviews for the DG Institute on Google’s business listing. There are more than 170 reviews on this listing. They are almost all positive, and many of them offer a fantastic overview of our programs.

Another place you can find DG Institute reviews is on the ProductReviews.com.au portal. This website had been around since 2003. It is Australia’s most trusted source for consumer reviews. The DG Institute has more than 200 reviews on this website. Again, there are overwhelmingly positive.

If you’re looking for The DG Institute distressed property list, you can access it on our website. At the time of writing, this offer is still available. But we reserve the right to withdraw this offer at any time.

The DG Institute distressed property list is a unique and useful resource. It is an up-to-date list of thousands of distressed properties across Australia. And it can give you an edge over other investors by helping you find great deals first.

We designed the list so that you can find properties at a national, state, suburb and street level. This means you can find the best distressed deals before other investors know they exist.

You can search for dozens of keywords that tell you the sellers motivated. For example, you can search for words like deceased, divorcee, bankruptcy, etc.

Another benefit of our distressed property list is that you can track changes over time. You can see the first-listed price, last listed price, court list dates and more.

If you want to know when the next <a href=”https://www.dginstitute.com.au/upcoming-events/property-developer-summit/”>Property Developer Summit</a> will take place, sign up for our newsletter.

When we confirm the dates for the next event, we will send you the details. You will receive complimentary cases studies and property development education, too.

You are also welcome to check the ‘Property Developer Summit’ event page on our website. This page explains what the event covers. It includes case studies and testimonials and other useful information. If registration for the event is open, you can sign up right away on the page and secure your tickets.

The DG Institute Property Developer Summit is a one-day event. It features Dominique Grubisa and key influencers from the property industry.

At the event, you can see how to create wealth through lower-risk small property development:

Development Application (DA) uplift Sub-division Small residential developments.

You can view the event page by clicking here.

There are several places you can find them DG Institute Real Estate Rescue case studies.

The first way to get these case studies is to sign up for our complimentary email newsletter. This newsletter often includes case studies from DGI graduates. We include images, location, profits and detail about the deal. It’s an excellent resource, and it’s free.

Another place you can view case studies is on the Real Estate Rescue event page. These case studies are not as detailed. But they give you an idea of what’s possible using these strategies.

Last, but not least, you can attend the Real Estate Rescue live event. Dominique often uses case studies as a way to her strategies. You can get an understanding of how the theory works in practical situations.

If you would like to find out more about Real Estate Rescue, and you’re interested in learning how to secure property at potentially 10% – 40% below market value, you can also sign up for our FREE webinar on the topic.

EMERGENCY Webinar Briefing on Fixing and Flipping Distressed Property

Learn How You Can Find Undervalued Property That You Can Potentially Purchase 10% – 40% Below Market Value From Motivated Vendors